Go Wide!

Daffodils (dead) on the patio Looking down the street Hello Helen

After about 8 or 9mths of umming and ahhing I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Sigma 12-24mm. In the end I picked it over the other ultra-wide angle zoom lenses because it is designed for full frame cameras whereas all the other ultra-wides are designed for cropped sensor DSLRs. This means that the 12-24 also works on my film camera as well the three series of DSLRs that Canon has (1x, 1.3x, 1.6x).

After I had a little play with the lens on 350d, I put it on the Eos 300(the film SLR I inherited from Karl) oh my I loved it even more. It really makes me want a full frame DSLR, 12mm is pure ultra wide goodness! When I get the film developed I will have to scan them in as the perspective is insane!

My room Pabbi

Of course one of the best things about having an ultra-wide is it just “enhances” the funny faces that Pabbi makes even more πŸ˜€

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