On Sunday Grandad came down on the train and him, Mum and I headed out to Redcliffe to visit the Duyfken which was at the Redcliffe Jetty for the weekend. Due to the crowds and life Mum and Grandad weren’t exactly in a position to clamber over the jacht, so they waited whilst I stood in line waiting my turn. When we arrived there was a sea breeze blowing and the clouds were not in the mood to part for the sun to shine through, however as we were leaving the sun did come out to play but the sea breeze continued to blow.

The Duyfken was the first recorded European boat to “discover” Australia in 1606 and charted parts of the Gulf of Carpentaria. In 1993 in Fremantle, WA a group of locals decided to build a replica of the boat that played a very important role in Australian history which has been forgotten by many either thinking that the first European to “discover” Australia was Dirck Hartog in 1616 or that it was Captain James Cook in 1770.

The boat was particularly interesting to me in regards to the role that it played in the history of the VOC (Dutch East India Company) in the early 1600’s, the VOC playing a large role in my uni studies of Asian History.

Australia on the Map 1606-2006, 400 years of Australian History.
Duyfken (Wikipedia)
Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation

Welkom aan boord Duyfken The colours she sails Flying the VOC colours Rope Bucket on the poops deck fire! To the bow from the poops deck Detail of the light on the stern The line Tool box The ballast of the Duyfken detail on one of the chests Fire, Fire, Fire! 1hr in sand Bilge Pump gimme a tankard of beer! plates and bowls bucket and rigging Verboden te roken Duyfken Still Life Netherlands and Australia The Duyfken

The replica has completed some amazing voyages since putting up her sails in July 1999, she has travelled from the Spice Islands of Indonesia to Cape York and from Sydney to the Netherlands as well as sailing around Australia at the moment.

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  1. Lol Nadine, it was actually pretty tiny. You have never been on a ship? wow, I guess that is like EK(?) who has never seen the beach.

  2. Hey helen its meagan from next doors, sup. well that really is a small boat comparing it to some off the boats up in the whitsundays.

    From meagan

  3. I am writing a historical manuscript which I intend to publish.

    I find the Dutch frequented Australian waters from the 17th centuary and would like tominclude images of some of those boats. Could I have permission to include your image of the Dufkin?

    It is great to see history preserved.


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