Laughs and Shoes

After much phone tag and clashing schedules (Andrea works mon-fri and I work on sat) we finally manged to get a Sunday where we were both free. Of course then we were at odds at what to do! After checking out her newish flat we went in to the Valley where we had fun cruising the aisles of the Asian variety stores and found a source of little containers for when we next need to make jelly shots.

We then hit our primary target for the day; The Valley Markets, however I guess because it was bit overcast it was pretty dead so we didn’t stay there long before having fun checking out all the aisles in one of the Asian grocery store and seeing what things we could see such as the whole frozen Durians or the 1000’s of different dried mushrooms or MSG powder (mmmmmm MSG…..). After we had done a little bit of shopping we headed into the city to have lunch at Sizzler.

After a brief poke round Borders we headed back into the Myer Centre to find all the goodies. Our first stop was the Oxfam shop where after much drooling I walked out with a new hair tie and a bag made by Timor Leste women who are part of the Alola Foundation. The bag is gorgeous, it has a tais panel which I just love!

New hair tie Close up of Alola Tais Bag Alola Tais Bag

Our next stop was Myer where we were drawn in by the super big sale they are having and the tables upon tables of shoes they were clearing out for $20, $30, $40 etc. Andrea hit the jackpot and got a new pair of shoes and I well I thought I had hit the jackpot. These orange shoes, so very, very nice and the only size they had them in was 9.5 which was a tad tight. Ok well they also come in black, brown, white, baby pink, red and olive (I wanted the red, the orange or the olive) but no the only 10’s they had were in white or black πŸ™

nooo.... Please....

Since I had fallen in love with them I resolved to ring round the stores in the morning. Once we had a bit more of a browse and a 100 more laughs we hopped on the train back to her flat and had a little hang out chatting with her boyfriend and showing me some scrapbooking she had done πŸ˜€

I tell you when Andie and I get together we just become the biggest giggling gerties, it’s a total crack-up πŸ˜€

Fast Forward 16hrs.
After I finished work this morning at the grand time of 9:45am I went down to the Myer in our centre but they only had the 10 in white :(. I get home and do some ringing around and get told by more stores we only have the white or the black :(. Dude, those shoes were so funky but alas it seems it was not meant to be.

I wanted a new pair of jeans and since I had nothing pressing yet to fill my day with. I headed out to DFO to see what I could find πŸ™‚ Well I walked out with a new pair of jeans from Country Road and almost walked out with 2 new skirts. The biggest find however are the shoes in the photo below.

Simple Tevas

The ones on the left are Simple and the ones on the right are Teva. They are both the first pair of thonged shoes I have owned in years and years as I normally find the thong bit between my toes very uncomfy but these ones don’t seem to be too bad and they both have soles which feel like clouds which is what my feet like πŸ™‚

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