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Well no Iceland post for today as I have spent the day scrapbooking πŸ™‚ This past week I have been helping a friend out with her entry in one of the major scrapbooking comps here in Australia and it started my fingers itching to play.
A couple were done a couple of weeks ago but most were done today or yesterday.

Micra Power Pink Chucks Albatross Tessellated Pavement An Old Hops Kiln Mum

Mum and I went to Stick It tonight and loved it! It was a great movie however I think it will be/was pigeon holed by most as a teen girl movie however I think it had a couple of very good story lines and was very well produced and it also had a pretty kicking soundtrack.

As we were walking out of the cinema to go down to have supper the strangest thing happened. We were walking over to the lift and who do I see sitting near the cinema but one of my best friends from high school and her boyfriend, which was fine because they are quite the movie goers. Then as we walking to cafe area, a girl calls out to me and says “Hi Helen” and after a bit of chatting, I had no idea who she was at first but she said we had worked together and she was a year above me at school. Then after we parted I realised who she was and my jaw just kept on dropping. I had not seen her since June 2004 or so and she must have lost at least 30kg and was looking fantastic. I just kept on saying wow to Mum.

Then as we drew closer to the cafe, I walked past someone else I had worked with at a different store and had a chat to her as well that was not all one of the wait staff at the cafe we supped at was a couple of years below me in both primary and high school and we had played in band together. It was quite different.

I mean we were at our local shopping centre and pretty much everyone I have worked with or gone to school with would hang out, shop or work there but I have never run into that many people I have known in such a short space of time. I mean I work at this shopping centre and I might only see people I know once every fortnight or so.

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