Iceland Megatrip 2005 – Day 4

June 28, 2005

This was our laziest day to date. I mean we did jack all.

In the morning we must have hit up Smaralind, the local shopping center and cruised round the shops waiting for them to open, withdrawing mula from the ATM and hitting up the Hagkaup to get some lunch supplies so we weren’t always stealing Karl’s food as well as buying a bath towel for me to use in Iceland (I had intended to leave it behind when I left but it was pink) and buying The Holy Grail of chocolate bars – Prince Polo. Helen + Prince Polo = very happy 🙂

In the afternoon we went over to Tóti’s and had a blast of course.

Bringing home the photo fights, Matthew, Silja and Birta going camera crazy.

Nei Birta, Nei Birta Thumbs up Comparing Cameras Hello Camera

This is what happens when Birta gets too close to the lens. Hello distorted perspective 🙂

my what a big face you have

The following photos are some of the photos that Birta took when she was in charge of my camera. As soon as Birta and Silja but mainly Birta learnt how to use my camera it was almost in their hands more than mine. Not that I minded 🙂

Hello Helen Afi Palli Flowers on the patio The playground

After the four of us rough housing around in the girls bedroom we moved out onto the patio where there was much more room 🙂 The first photo is of Birta and me – duh! and the second one is a crack up beacuse Birta wanted me to give her the camera back but I said it was my turn 🙂

me and you, you and me má ég taka mynd

The evening ended with the girls giving us a concert with Tóti on the guitar. Some of the songs we recognised as they are songs we have in Australia as well, some Mum remembered from when she was living in Iceland and it was just the perfect ending to a fun afternoon.


That was our day. Just like I said a pretty non-adventurous day. 🙂

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