30 days of Chocolate

White Chocolate Strawberry TartletFor lunch today, Mary, Mum and I went into Picasso’s at the Carlton Crest to sample the 30 Days of Chocolate that they have been running through the month of June in partnership with Lindt.

I would like to say that it was fantastic and the best I have tasted but it wasn’t. I am not saying it was bad, it was quite nice but it so wasn’t what the articles and pictures had led us to believe. The foods that were part of the buffet were individually relatively nice but quite a few of them were stretching it to be an “amazing chocolate buffet will satisfy all chocolate fantasies”.

The Choc Macadamia Tartlet I had was gorgeous as was the White Chocolate Strawberry Tartlet (pictured). The choc slice I had was a bit blah and the White/ Dark Chocolate Eclair was ok I guess but it was just a choux pastry with some white chocolate drizzled on the top and some dark chocolate in the middle.

We did go on the second last day as I only read about it in the paper late last week and I read the food section of the paper religiously, which is why we were so surprised to find that it was nearly over. I wonder if it would have been better near the start of the month when the staff and chefs were still excited about it.

For lunch the Chocolate Buffet cost $16.50 each, which would have been much nicer if it was offered as a special dessert menu for the month of June. Mary also ordered the pumpkin soup which was divine, the pumpkin must have been roasted and caramalised before the soup was made as there was just this gorgeous taste running through it. That soup was divine. We also got the House Bread which was also divine. It was a round loaf which almost sliced through and in each cut they had put things such as walnut harissa, pesto, cheese and then the loaf was sprinkled with cheese and grilled – it was pure heaven.

So whilst the Chocolate Buffet was not what we would have hoped for we still had some nice things.

Mary is a fan of a good garage sale or op-shop so on the way home we stopped in at a Lifeline store and all three of us came out with stuff that we liked. I picked up the original Genius edition (1981) of Trivial Pursuit for the grand total of $12 with all the pieces. So I am pretty stoked, I have always wanted a copy of the game as I love playing it or more so just sitting there with a stack of cards asking myself the questions πŸ™‚

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