What’s on your radio?

I have grown up with the ABC, every morning the radio in our kitchen is tuned into 612 4QR, our local ABC station and as we walk about house getting ready for the day we listen in. When it is lunch and tea time, the radio is turned on again and we listen, you don’t dare talk. As I have grown up and owned my own radio, I moved to the various commercial stations and would then dance back to the ABCs “youth radio” station Triple J or a couple of local community stations but still the radio in the kitchen has never budged from where it is tuned.

The last couple of weeks I have started listening to the radio (news) more than the mp3’s on my computer, it stimulates my mind more than music and I learn new things and keep up to date with events (in addition to reading two newspapers daily).
When Mum and I were driving on our big trip, after we had listened to one of our CD’s we would flick onto the ABC and just listen in. Especially when we were driving on Christmas Day, listening to all the Christmas programs, hearing people on the move like us ring in and say what they are doing.

The repeated news does annoy me sometimes, which is funny because most of the time I tune into ABC NewsRadio instead of ABC Radio National. Some days I can recite the news along with the readers πŸ™‚

However, when the radio documentaries from the BBC come on, I just sit there and let the words pour in to mind. BBC radio journalists must go to a special school; they all describe the scene around them, or the events with such clarity and passion. They draw you into where they are reporting from or talking about. I tell you listening to those BBC people talk is like audio crack, they draw you in further and further with every word.

What’s on your radio? Is there a radio station that brings back memories?

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  1. i hate talk radio!

    i love listening to http://cjvr.com it’s my local radio station and whenever i come home from school i always check to see when i can start getting reception. it’s not even that wonderful of a station but it reminds me of home.

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