Matthew turns 19

Today is the day that 19 years ago, I was no longer the youngest child in the Pálsson troop with the birth of my little brother Matthew Símon, I became his older sister by 18 mths, something which does not give me much clout anymore.

He is now quite a few cm’s taller than me, no longer looks like Bert Newton Jnr with his moon face, seems to know everyone and talks some of the cutest bullshit I have ever heard. I would love to record some of the bullshit he talks, it is classic stuff.

We used to have petty arguments as kids where he would say he was older because his birthday was the 20th whereas mine was only the 11th, didn’t we all have arguments like that with our siblings?

I think now days he possibly has a larger influence on my life than I on his as he introduces me to new music and computer games that I never have time to play and well in his view most of the stuff I listen to should be deleted from my computer.

This photo is from a May 2005, when I was actually able to get a photo of him and not be given his spiel on how I was stealing his soul or invading his privacy or some other crap.
matthew 19
The other day, we were discussing plans for his birthday, birthdays in our house are a pretty relaxed fair, presents are almost always gotten at a later date when you trade in the birthday card, this year though Matthew asked to trade his whole birthday in; presents and dinner for a time when he wants them. Though he then had the bright idea of wondering how much money he could get if he sold his birthday rights on Ebay which include AU$100 in a gift and your choice of meal or restaurant for a celebration meal. Any Takers?

Happy Birthday Little Brother.

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