what if apples were called bapples?

ben leeLike most young Australians who listen or have listened to Triple J, I have always known who Ben Lee was but I didn’t really know him till last night. Before Awake is the New Sleep was released and he scooped the Arias, he was just the young Sydney guy, out in the background doing his own thing, who released his first solo album when he was what 16/17?, went out with Claire Danes for ages, got his start with the likes of Sonic Youth and the Beastie Boys. Sure his 1999 album Breathing Tornados was a huge success and Cigarettes Will Kill You is one song we can all sing/hum, but Awake is the New Sleep changed all that, all of a sudden he was everywhere and on all the radio stations and even though I didn’t real know his songs, I was so proud of him and his band for surprising us all. So like any new discovery/re-discovery, I headed back to the beginnings and started listening to the early stuff and wondered why I had not started earlier, I have known who is was since what 1998 but it took me to 2005 to actually start getting into him. I don’t know. Perhaps it is the swing I am noticing in my tastes to music for which the focus is the vocals not how loud or fast the lead guitarist can play.

But back to the actual point of the story, so last night two of my bestest buds (Andrea and Same) who previously didn’t know each other but are chumming it up now and I met at The Arena to see Ben Lee, Sparkadia and a solo artist who I can’t recall the name of. Both the support acts were fantastic and then came Ben and the band :), for what was to be one night of a big sing-a-long, Patience from The Grates popping in for a song, lots of happiness and pure fun, chatting about songs, playing songs from all the records and lots of flowers πŸ™‚ ( I thought they were fake but when I got one at the end I noticed how real my daisy is, which is currently in a flower press πŸ™‚ because that my friend will be one hell of a scrapbook page).

As a final little act, I can solemnly say that I have never acted like a boy crazy adolescent girl in my life before but it is safe to say last night that changed, I swear he is getting cuter and cuter as he gets older and it has to be noted, we do share the same birthday albeit seven years apart πŸ™‚

15 hours later, I can assure you that we still have big grins plastered on our faces πŸ™‚

Photos are Here

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  1. Believe me girl… my smile is still as wide as it was last night πŸ˜€ Sparkadia rocked… and Ben Lee stole my heart! What a sweetie!! πŸ˜€ His show last night definately made me realise that hey, we’re all human, we all make mistakes, we all have to learn from those mistakes and not forgetting to have fun on the way… we’re all in this together…

  2. I know what you mean…I only really “discovered” Lee recently,too. He’s been around for so long – but never on my radar. Concert must have been fun. Last week I saw Emiliana Torrini – cd is fisherman’s woman. She was fantastic. You’ve got a great site.

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