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The second installment of my music related posts.

Music is something that we share with those around us, we tell people of new music we have discovered, they share with us some of their favourites and if all goes well we find new music we like. Today I am sharing a tiny slice of the music that people have shared with me through my life. I don’t think I have a friend who has not introduced me to at least one new artist. Music makes the world go round 🙂


My older brother has probably shared the most music with me, growing up we listened to what he listened to, we looked up to him. I could be here all day sharing music that Karl has shared. A couple that stand out are.

The Velvet Underground – In particular Sweet Jane, just a few months ago when we were in Iceland, Matthew and I stayed with Karl and Anika (one of our sister’s), we spent a fair bit of time rocking out in the kitchen/dining/living area to the strains of Velvet Underground.

The BreedersSafari was the first song we saw from the Breeders on a tape of Rage, that Karl had recorded one night, I remember sitting there enthralled with the video clip, seeing Josephine Wiggs with her bass and pink hair rocking out. We didn’t have the internet back in those days like we do now, I remember standing in Rocking Horse Records with Karl looking at the Breeders albums, and he walked out with Last Splash. The Breeders are a band that I have always fallen back on, fantastic lyrics, enchanting vocals, all just perfect listening.

World Music and Electronica/dance etc, I know two very different genres but Karl introduced me to the Gypsy Kings, Buena Vista Social Club, B(i)ftek, Hamsa Lila and heaps of other stuff, nothing like chilling to some laid back beats/tunes. Relax.

My dad has influenced my music tastes in so many ways; I mean he is the Papa! Growing up in our household you were assured of listening to some sort of music every night when the washing up was happening. I remember dancing round the living room with Pabbi to Hava Nagila, the days of innocence! There was of course all the standards; ABBA, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, The Seekers, The Drifters, Johnny Cash, Peter Paul and Mary, James Last etc etc as well as some others

Harry Belafonte – Again more memories of belting out songs like Kingston Town in the living room.

Mahalia Jackson – Every Christmas Eve, Pabbi puts one of her records and that is the only household music we get, nothing wrong with as she does have an amazing voice. Have you heard her singing Silent Night? Mahalia had the voice.

Ladi Geisler’s album Guitar ala Carte is without a doubt the most played record in our house, almost impossible to find a copy of and we haven’t yet found a copy of volume II of Guitar ala Carte. If you ever hear some of his recordings you will not be disappointed, this man creates magic with his guitar.

Anyone who knows her will know that she refers to music as noise, however she does have a few musical interests, namely the soundtrack from Paint Your Wagon. Probably one of my early introductions into soundtracks, have you heard Clint Eastwood sing? The Gospel Of No Name City, I Talk To The Trees etc etc

My little brother who lives in mainly black shirts with some punk band on the front, without him I would not know of many of his bands

Marilyn Healy
A very sweet pea and incredible artist, her signature line used be a couple of lines of a Howard Jone‘s song called Life In One Day, total 80’s central with Howard, ever since that moment when I looked those lyrics up, well I have been bopping along with HJ

Kathryn Nichols
One of the girls I went to primary school with, we caught the same bus home, I gave her a tape with a Toni Braxton song on, she gave me a tape of Alanis Morissette‘s Jagged Little Pill and well the rest is history, I don’t think I need to explain the Alanis factor, the voice, the lyrics, everything

Wübke Peters
Wübke, is the girl I stayed with in Germany and is actually at our house at the moment, her Christmas present to me, was a ticket to a Die Happy concert, have not met anyone since Germany who has ever heard of Die Happy but they are a band that gets high rotation on my play lists. Song of note is Cry For More

He showed me a lot of new music and opened my eyes to bands that I had ignored. Two more obscure bands that I found through Sean are Mest and Taking Back Sunday, two bands that I whole heartedly recommend that you go listen to.

Year 12 Tech Tute Teacher
Tech Tute, was essentially a free class which often resulted in class discussions with our teacher, one day some of the boys asked the teacher what music she liked and she answered Elliott Smith, I of course went home and found what music I could of his and have been hooked ever since, just love the music, the melodies and of course his voice.

This is only the smallest sampling of music that people have shared with me and only a sample of what I listen to, from folk songs to punk to 80’s pop, I like my music all over the place.

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