new memory

Well at long last I upgraded the memory in my computer from 256mb to a 1280mb with the addition of a nice, new 1 gig stick 🙂

People on all the mb’s always say “blah to run photoshop etc etc you need at least 1gig of ram blah!” To which I sit in my chair and think about those days back only a couple of years ago when I was running a Pentium 100 with maybe 128mb ram more likely it was 64mb and creating 3-D landscapes in Bryce, sure when I went to render the scenes it took a while but it was only 30mins or an hour.

Then using photoshop now, sure I might have had to wait a while for my RAWs to appear when I was viewing them but it was not a long wait. All about patience but with memory getting cheaper all the time, I upgraded today and it does make my computer run a lot nicer and the RAW’s appear like magic 🙂

and Karl, I got the right type this time 🙂 and it fitted nicely in the slot so no more blowing up computers with Helen putting the wrong sort of memory into a slot and swearing it fitted.

The walk on the w/e was great and I am going out with Mum again on walks for sure like I am this weekend for a whole weekend away, where I am meant to go walking!

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  1. Hi Nadine and others.

    I will write a post in a couple of days ie when I get this essay done on what I do for B&W conversions as well as some other photo processing stuff.

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