Margarita Chiquita

I saw this little quiz on Lindsay’s blogWhat drink are you? So I thought that sounds like a fun little quiz, I wonder which drink I will be?
Helen, you’re a Margarita Chiquita

No doubt about it, you’re a fun-loving mamacita. And no drink suits you better than a saucy margarita. From frozen and frothy to easy and on-the-rocks, you’ve always got good times on your mind, whether you’re out to dance the night away, spice up a fancy dinner party, or add some flair to your knitting club.

And even when you just need a relaxing night at home, you can always find a way to keep things interesting. Like your sassy signature drink, you brighten up any occasion and remind people that any event — from a backyard barbeque to a mani/pedi extravaganza — is better when you call it a party. Olé!

So it looks like my fav drink is my signature drink too 🙂 Though I much, much prefer on the rocks to frozen. What umbrella drink are you?

Had my 3rd exam today that was worth 70% of my marks for the subject, think I went ok, though am dissapointed with the lecturer that all the stuff he said to know for the exam was not on it 🙁

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  1. Hey! I’m a Margarita Chiquita too!
    To bad you didn’t live closer… we would be the life of the Margarita party!
    chhers, niki

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