pink chucks and a whole lot more

what a weekend!

Spent the time wearing in my new shoes – Pink Chuck Taylor High Tops. Sigh love my Cons, but after talking to Mum about the pain I get from wearing shoes a visit to the doc will be in order to see about orthotics, I can’t remember the last pair of lace-ups that actually were comfy but I do so love my Cons – They are pink!

Went out with Leanne and Barb to Freestyle on Friday night, Beth was busy πŸ™ we had a great time, chatting, laughing, eating yummy stuff.

Did some Scrapbooking, felt so great to be able to sit down and play – need to get photos printed so I can have some recent stuff to play with.

Had a blast drinking Skyy Platinum’s and taking over Mouse’s hand in Poker (we were playing Texas Hold em, had not played that style before and really enjoyed it). Teasing, Bluffing, Laughing.

Sean had three netball games on Saturday night, the team came second in all of them but hey. For the last couple of games Sean has been playing Goal Keeper instead of Shooter, so no photos of him attacking but rather him defending, love this one of him jumping to block. I would need springs in my shoes to jump like he does.

Had another Random Breath Test on the way home from netball. Makes it two in 29 days!

Went to the movies and saw The Longest Yard, was the biggest crack up and what is an Adam Sandler movie without Rob Schneider, when he came on the screen, the movie theatre all cheered πŸ™‚

 Now home, getting ready to work tomorrow morning. Hope you all had a good weekend.


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  1. Great shot! (no pun intended) What camera are you using??? whatever you did, the action you caught is awesome!
    Had a chuckle about the Bob Marley pic…Out ndighbors had a huge party this weekend for the mom’s 50th birthday. They had a MAJOR steel drum band…It was regae time all through the neighborhood!

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