In the last 8 nights I have eaten at home for 6 of them and was in charge of preparing them for 4 nights. I am pretty impressed with myself but not with the person who is not pulling his weight around the here.

Matthew helped me out tonight and we created a variation on Helen Staple – Stir Fry Veg/fruit with cous cous. 

Simply I love Cous Cous, it is so utterly quick and simple to prepare – x parts cous cous to a little bit less than x parts boiling water, cover and allow to stand till water is absorbed. So, so easy.

The variation tonight was.

Carrots, Onion, Celery, Shallots, Mushroom, Capsicum, Lamb (taken off Forequarter chops) with some Garam Masala and Honey. Some people like to gradually add the veg, but I am firm believer in adding everything except Mushrooms at the same time.

Previous Variations have included Turkey Chops with Tomato added and Moroccan seasoning. Another was Tuna, Cous Cous, tinned tomato, fresh beetroot and assorted veg.

Essentially it is what ever veg/fruit and meat is in the house with what ever seasoning takes my fancy in the cupboard, served of course with Mesclun Leaves dressed with Newman’s Own Caeser Dressing (because salad dressing is not meant to be creamy – another rule of the Palsson kitchen). Enjoy.

cous cous lamb

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  1. Yum!! I particularly like the morrocan seasoning on lamb forequarter chops and baked in the oven! So much flavour.

    Your meals sound divine!

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