this and that.

I really dislike coming up with post titles.

Random stuff
The new theme is made especially for MG.
Word count of assignment handed in today 2201. 2 weeks left and 2 essays to go.
There are still patches of ice around.
Need to go proof the hail photos.
It’s the weekend, tonight I scrapped, watched Serendipity and as usual I cleaned/re-organised my scrap area… again.
Tomorrow, Grandad is discharged from the hospital. YAY πŸ™‚
Tomorrow I am going to the uni library to get books for the next essay (Why are the Chinese so dominant in SE Asian Business).
Going to go somewhere crazy with Sean tomorrow, somewhere we don’t normally go, somewhere the car will take us, I just want to do something different.

I am Jon. I am Sara. Sigh.

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