a new pick me up.

I was watching an early season 4 episode of Alias and heard this song in the background when a very nice Sydney/Vaughn moment was happening. The lyrics struck a chord with me. They make me smile, take me to a happy place.

by the windowThe Wind
Cat Stevens

I listen to the wind
to the wind of my soul
Where I’ll end up well I think,
only God really knows
I’ve sat upon the setting sun
But never, never never never
I never wanted water once
No, never, never, never

I listen to my words but
they fall far below
I let my music take me
where my heart wants to go
I swam upon the devil’s lake
But never, never never never
I’ll never make the same mistake
No, never, never, never

In other news, the Giant Killers(3/39) beat Have a Go(7/34); the Girls won the Tatts & Tiaras trivia comp on Saturday night (go team); a fun day scrap shopping on Saturday, 35% off at our little hang-out (Scrap That) and then checking out a new store – Scrapbooks etc, nice range, bit pricey, organised by theme πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ but so so so pretty and airy; watching Tom Horn with Big Pete, Sean’s netball teams flogging the gold coast teams (80ish-8 and 80ish-20) Go Eagles!

That is how it went, avoiding my essay yet again.

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  1. What a great song? deep lyrics. They really don’t write many songs like that anymore. Thanks for sharing. By the way, your header is going to cause me to blow my diet! LOL.

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