organising, sorting and throwing.

It must be the weather or my avoidance or impending assignments but sheesh my room and computer are looking good. In the past couple of weeks…

I have thrown out probably 3 armfuls of paper consisting of old paper work and junk mail that I had kept (I used to seriously collect junk mail).

I have cleaned out drawers, my wardrobe, my desk etc and taken out many bags of rubbish.

Sean made me a little bedside cupboard which I use as an entry cupboard at TAFE last year, the top was covered in my work gear, daily essentials etc, well I went through it all and moved it into the draw in the cupboard, the top is now reserved for my flowers and important, cherished things.

I have filed and sorted all my paperwork in preparation of tax time.

I finally organised my finances on the computer, now I can really track my cash purchases – where I spend/loose the most.

I went through the recent mp3’s I have gotten and filed them out.

I have sold my old CM stickers, got a good wad of paper to donate to somewhere when I find a place.  

I have sorted out my creating stuff.

I have put completed layouts in albums or sleeves, though I do need to buy more albums. 

I cleaned/put structure in my desk, removed all the piles of paper, scrubbed it clean, it looks fresh:)

I have started cleaning out my computer – an on going project. Renaming and filing files. 

Feeling good, Feeling more in control. Now if only those essays would start themselves. 

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  1. Post a picture! πŸ™‚

    It’s about time for me to tackle our guest bedroom. It’s the black hole of my home. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g goes in there. It’s awful.

  2. Just poppin’ over from Peas to check out your blog.:) Love that you are writing down what you’ve accomplished, instead of what needs to be done. I need to think that way, and write down my accomplishments, not dwell so much on my ‘to-do’ list…thanks for the little reminder & love your blog!

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