Meat Loaf

no not the meal (never had it) but the artist. For the last 50 mins I have had “I’d do anything for love on repeat, it was on the radio when I was on my way home from work and then I just had to listen to it. I often wish now that I had forked out the money to see Meat Loaf when they toured a while back but hey that is life. Meat Loaf just makes me jump round the room with an air guitar, blasting out the words.

A random Meat Loaf memory, the first night I went to Sean’s place, Michael (Sean’s littler brother who needs a hair cut or at least a trim), put on an Meat Loaf CD, loaded up “Bat out of Hell” and started thrashing round the room, asking me what I thought of Meat Loaf, I of course replied I love him, who couldn’t. Nothing like some Meat Loaf on the night you meet the family.

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  1. when meatloaf refers to love he means he would do anything for it, “run right into hell and back for it” and etc….however he wont cheat for love, because he wont do that.

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