is a black lab, that Sean’s dad was given for his birthday. Now most of the time I like Max. Sure he does have problems knowing where he is meant to go to the toilet but he will get over that. But why, why does he have to chew everything around him when he is alone or at night? The other day he and his partner in crime Zack were accidently locked out the back at Sean’s house.

So what could possibly be more fun then to jump on Sean’s bet to get to the shelf where he keeps all his cool stuff; photos, scotch, event and move tickets, and the little things I have made him over our last 51 wks and do all we can to chew it all to shreds?

I had made Sean a little stencil name box for his birthday to keep stuff in, so in it was the various tags I have made him, the mini book I made him for valentine’s day, tickets to the movies, games and concerts we have gone to. Well Mr Max decided that that box was perfectly fine to chew to shreds. Not happy with you Max. Not happy with you at all.

Not only did he/they have a good chew of Sean’s stuff but also a lot of Michael’s stuff and theu decided they didn’t like the colour of the carpet, so lets rip up that some more. I like dogs mostly but I don’t think I could ever have a dog.

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  1. Oh Helen..I am so sorry to hear this. But let me tell you some things that we pass on to other dog owners.

    1. It only takes one instance for a dog to know that what he is doing is right.
    -example, if I let my dog sit on the coach at one time he will remember that it is ok to sit there.
    -be in control. Let the dog know that you are the boss and not him.

    I am a lab owner and naturally labs LOVES to chew on stuff, because they get bored. When he does this again, try squirting him with a water with lemon, Im sure he will get the message =)

  2. Helen, I’m finally able to check out your blog… love it! I came a couple times, but it was down. But… WOW. I’m really looking forward to reading some of your old posts.

    I have a lab too. Yeah, they like to chew πŸ˜› But once you get the behaviours ironed out, they are the most loyal, playful, protective, and safe dogs to own. (and the bathroom thing…mine still tries to sneak one in the middle of the lawn)

  3. Boo. πŸ™

    So sorry that this happened. I don’t know much about dogs but I never knew they could be this exhuberant. But I just read Gina’s comment and she’s a dog expert, so I’d probably listen to her.

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