in my life.

To a great mate, who had to postpone her first date with a great guy becuase of the dreaded cold, get well πŸ™‚ chica!

I am sitting here doing some scrapping for me and just me, it seems like all the stuff I have done recently is scrapbooking work. I would have never thought when I started scrapbooking that I would be where I am now. It has given me so much.

Had a great day at uni this morning, Cory had brought a family pack of malteasers to the lecture, which made the lecture better for sure, it was a great lecture though – on the Developmental State in Singapore. How is this for keeping it in the family?
The first prime minister of Singapore was Lee Kwan Yew, his eldest son is now the current PM – Lee Hsien Loong, his other son Lee Hsien Yang runs Singtel, the state’s teleco company and then Lee Hsien Loong’s wife Ho Chin runs Temasek, the state’s holding company. That is one powerful family!

Amaztype – Stumbled on this site the other day, makes cool images from a word that is entered. – super cool

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