a day of events

World Event 1. – Prince Rainer of Monaco has died, I knew it was coming, just didn’t know when. Ever since I watched a world music award one year when it was in Monaco many years ago. I have a had a special interest in Monaco and their royal family, always checking the mags to see what they were up to etc, I may no longer check the mags that often but I sill have an interest in them, so I pass my condolences on to his family and the people of Monaco.

Rugby Union Event 1. – Queensland Reds Captian Elton Flatley stood down from the positon of captain today, he has had an injury ridden past two seasons, whilst it is sad to see him step down, our only wish is for him for his health to continue to improve so we can see more top class rugby been played from him at Ballymore. Next Captain of the Reds, I am guessing John Roe or Mark Latham, both ready for the position I feel.

Rugby Union Event 2. – Queensland Reds Vice Captain Nathan Sharpe is joining the new Super 14 team in Perth. I know he is going to get a crapola of money, he will be captain. But Sharpie, did you have to go? You were offered the Reds Captain position but you say no and say you are going to Perth. Come on Sharpie, You are a Red through and through. Don’t go Sharpie Hill – I guess it was all for nothing.

Warehouse Cricket Event 1. – The end of an era for the Prawnstars XI, Sean was unable to fill the team this season, so he has had to say fairwell to his team this seasona and will instead play in Mick’s new team the Giant Killers instead. It will be a new era for Sunday Winter Cricket this year.

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