XP, a cold and 20/20

well Helen didn’t end up going out last night, I decided that my cold was just too bad to let it be worsened by various drinks. Instead Sean and I went to see Robots – mighty funny movie, as he was a bit sore and tired from two Cricket 20/20 games that day.

My cold is still aweful, my nose feels like it is water tap. I upgraded from Win2k to XP today and thought I had backed everything up, after two formats of my hard drive I realise that I forgot to back up the emails and bookmarks. DOH. Double Doh. They probably needed a clean out anyway but not cleaning everything.

Went with to Sean to watch the last game in the 20/20 comp today. I must say I quite like watching this style of cricket, I think 30/30 would be better to allow more batters to bat. The team did win though after two losses yesterday. A show of great batting, bowling and fielding today. Great work Giant Killers. Photos and more text still to come. Have to go to bed

2 Replies to “XP, a cold and 20/20”

  1. Fascinating! Absolutely fascinating! Coming from California, the world of Cricket is brand new to me. Must go study up….

  2. Ohhh Helen I hope you feel better soon! A cold and it’s not even winter yet, you poor thing!

    Love the photo blog, it’s gorgeous! The easter egg shot is great πŸ™‚ Hope you are going to scrap it.

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