the four days of easter saw me

Eating way to much chocolate.
Eating way to much fast food.
Watching Without a Paddle, Eurotrip and The Pacifier.
Looking at a dog chewed DVD case, thankfully blockbuster were understanding.
Helping B&D move into their new townhouse.
Snacking on little Easter Eggs in the cinema, very seasonal πŸ™‚
Painting my room.
Driving back and forth between Sean’s place and my place.
Drinking Lemon Archers and Vodka Lemon Lime Orange.
Trying to remember which day the Easter Bunny comes.
Discovering that the How To channel on Foxtel has DIY Scrapbooking, albeit old episodes.
Missing my Sunday morning Will & Grace fix.
Looking at the empty chocolate shelves on Saturday arvo in Coles.
Having a nice time relaxing with friends and family.

How was your Easter long weekend?

2 Replies to “the four days of easter saw me”

  1. Friday: Slept in then had a BBQ.
    Saturday: Slept in and had a BBQ and some beers. Went to the footy at the MCG.
    Sunday: Slept in and then went to Richmond and had a BIG Vietnamese lunch followed by some drinks at the local then going to the MCG for another game of football(I’m from Melbourne if you haven’t already guessed). Went to Coles at 11pm to buy all the half price easter eggs that were left.
    Monday: Slept in again. Ate too much Chocolate. Could NOT move.

    We need more 4 day weekends!

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