a few recent photos

November 1, where on earth has the year gone?

The other week at the farm I took the 135mm, sigh that is one lens I sure do love.

135mm at the farm

135mm at the farm

135mm at the farm

My exam is on Friday, this is what my desk looks like at the moment.

Do you spy that plaque near my tea cup? This is a scan of it. It’s a Figgjo (my favourite Norwegian company) Utfart wall plaque. The discolouration in the glazing is most likely from where it has been hung with a wire which has leached into the glaze. If I ever hang this baby it will be with good strong string or similar.
Figgjo Utfart wall plaque

And that is the end of this short post of pictures

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  1. Love your wall tile. I remember seeing that in cyberspace recently and thinking how cool it was. It has clearly ended up with the right owner. x

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