shirts and a scarf

Threadless is having a $10 tee sale for the next couple of days until May 8, so if there were any shirts that you like I would pick them up now! I ordered 7 earlier 🙂 With the shipping to Australia included they work out to be a bit less than AU$16 each which is quite a bargain considering to buy a similar shirt here in Aus I would probably be looking at AU$25-35 at least.

So yeah go pick up a $10 shirt at threadless, they make you happy 🙂 In case you are wondering about sizes, I wear the girly XL, which is a little tight round the breast area but as long as I don’t wear a bra that enhances them it is all good. The next size up from the girly XL is the mens medium. Also if you use the coupon code SUPER TEES it will take a further $3 off your total and if you total is over $50 use the coupon code PARSONS-NYC and save $5 off your purchase 🙂
Palm Tree Scarf
This is a scarf that I crocheted on the bus to and from uni a little while ago and on the weekend I finally got round to weaving in all the loose ends and packaging it up to be sent round the world to a friend who lives in a very cold place and I think could use some cheering up with the warm colours of the scarf when it is dark and cold in winter. Although I guess since it is coming into summer in the northern hemisphere she won’t get much use out of it for a while 🙂

It is all crocheted in half-double or half-treble depending on which country you come from and which crochet language you use.

I was searching round the garden as the best place to photograph the scarf and when I spotted the palm trees in the driveway I just knew it would just look cool tied round the trunk 🙂

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