my butt is sore

The reason?

Because for the last how long I have been sitting here typing, researching, editing, typing some more on this essay. I started off with just my chair than moved to one pillow on it, then two, now three and that is not going to last much longer. Of course I would get my essays done quicker if I was not such a procrastinator.

Mum – another reason why we need a lap-top, so I can stand and type when my butt gets sore from sitting too long.

In the mean time I give you this link to ahh explore – Handbags and J-Girls

the ekka 2

I am having the utter most awful writing slump at the moment; I just can’t get the words right out of my fingers so I warn you in advance.

Whilst shooting Sideshow Alley on Wednesday night I was given a tip from a fellow ‘tog that the roof of the car park across the road could provide some awesome shots. I eagerly took note of his tip. However I thought I don’t think I would feel comfy up there late at night therefore I skipped going up there that night but decided to come back later in the week with a partner so tonight Mum and I headed in to the car park in time to get photos of the fireworks as well as general views.

It was like a block party up there (well not quite but close), there was four of us with tripods, numerous car fulls of families who had decided that $3-6 in parking fees was a much better price to watch the fireworks then at least $45 for entry fees to (2 adults, 2 kids).

Once I had gotten set up, we chatted and waited till imagine our surprise when the man and son a car over from us said is that you Ruth? Ruth Stephenson? (Mum’s maiden name). Turns out it was a bloke called Jeff/Geoff who went to high school with Mum and was best mates with my uncle. What an utter coincidence! He was there with his son who is roughly the same age as myself and is a design student at the arts college and was out taking photos of the night as well. So they chatted and we did our thing. How cool was that?


Things I learnt – Enabling mirror lock-up and using the camera on bulb with a remote is a tricky operation to ensure that the shutter triggers when you want it to. Will have to practice more with that.

Things I have realised – I don’t take photos because I scrapbook. I scrapbook because I take photos. Hence I am undertaking a swing in my financial output to ahh support Canon more than I do Bazzill. No more scrapbook spending unless it is on more adhesives, albums or page protectors. I wonder how well I can stick to that thought because I really need some more alpha stamps lol.

Other than taking photos and developing my raw’s, I have not been up to much just the usual combo of uni and work. This weekend I am getting stuck into an essay I have due on Thursday on the question of “Is total war obsolete?”

yay, yay, yay!

All my exams are now done! yeah! over! yeah! for the semester at least.
Now I can focus on getting ready for Iceland, post card lists to write, last minute items to buy, camera gear to sort out, clothes to wash, all the fun stuff.

But exams are over for the semester – from my four subjects, three I had already passed or needed a couple of percent to pass, just one which I am concerned about but I can’t do anything now 🙂


2 essays down, 1 to go!

Just about to go hand in my essay 🙂  – Why are the Chinese so dominant in Business in Southeast Asia: A historical view of the factors that have shaped the Business Scene.  Some 2550ish words. Glad that one is over.


I just got the results back from a mid-semester I did last friday. I was quite worried when I came out, as I knew I had not prepared very well for the exam, much to my delight when I saw my results – 83% for the 4th highest mark in the class! 39/45 for the multipe choice and 44/55 for the essay – What different kinds of ethnic groups are there in Australian society? How has the ethnic composition of Australia changed over the last two centuries? so happy!