Kate Miller-Heidke

The post today is a quick shot from the Kate Miller-Heidke show I went to tonight at the Tivoli. The supports were Madeline Page and The Boat People (man, I forget how much The Boat People rock, they were fantastic). KMH is one very very good performer, her stage show has changed a lot since I first saw her and one day soonish I can see her on the stage at the Entertainment Center. She has just such a fantastic stage presence.

Kate Miller-Heidke (by HelenPalsson)

Angus and Julia Stone, The Tivoli

Thursday night saw me at The Tivoli with The Dwarf for the second night of Angus and Julia Stone. What is most likely a shock to most people is that I haven’t really heard that much of the Stones prior to the concert and what I had heard, I found enjoyable but was by no means a fan. Leaving the show I appreciated them a whole lot more. However the treat for the night was not the Stones but Víctor Valdés, the support act. Man, that man can play the harp. Doing requests from the audience is always the way to go, though I was hoping he would pull out Stairway to Heaven for some strange reason but he didn’t. He did though do a Gypsy King song (I think it was Chan Chan) what had me going was of course Guantanamera. I also got to meet a few other photographers for the first time and a chance to catch up with Eleny again. Quite a nice night indeed.

The Harp Man
Victor the man

One of the things I loved watching was his fingers dart over the strings, it was so magical!
harp fingers

Doesn’t Julia just look so happy to be up on stage?

I love the focus on this one though, sigh nice borrowed glass.

Angus had his hat on all night which meant some pretty nasty face shadows so this is about the best I grabbed
Angus Stone

The siblings Stone

and the rest of the photos are over here in a gallery

José González

damm. what a night it was.

Last night it was raining (no surprise here at the moment), people were standing outside the Tivoli wearing scarves and beanies. Inside a night of magical music was about to get under way. José González was in town and it was a sold out show.

Emily Barker.
She had just the right blend of folk, country and alt. It was the first time she had played in Brisbane and I am looking forward to her coming back and playing the Troubie as she was sort of drowning in the audience last night
emily barker

José González.
I was blown to the wall. The music was so rich, deep and vibrant. The sound had this depth that just isn’t there on a CD. It left my heart feeling really nice and warm, the perfect antidote to a wet Brisbane night. The first half dozen songs he played by himself and then he brought the band out for the rest of the set. It was a very low key band. A guy and and a girl, doing some back up vocals and providing some percussion. Really well put together, minimalist but full of life. I walked out of the Tivoli with my brolly and the most peaceful feeling inside of me which is just what I need at the moment since life threw me some curveballs earlier in the week. I dearly would have loved to have heard his cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart as that would have been the cherry on top of the sprinkles.


You can see the rest of the photos over in a gallery at helenpalsson.com.au

…just some words from my heart…

Xavier Rudd

Last Wednesday I went along to the Tivoli to shoot the Xavier Rudd concert for The Dwarf and had a ball 😀 It was my first gig with a true blue press pit and much to my astonishment, I was the only photographer there. Quite interesting. The support act Jeremey Fisher was a total treat and Xavier was well he was Xavier. The venue seemed to be lacking a little bit in terms of energy but it was still great music. That said when he started playing Let me be, I think the whole place just lit up smiles on faces or when he did a remarkable Australian version of Bob Marley’s classic Redemption Song in which you could feel Xavier beating in your heart. It was a good night.

Jeremy Fisher & Crowd