another Sunday of pale grey clouds

This photo is from Friday night, I did a touch of ironing and just as I was about to turn off the light, I looked at the light and went I think need to take a photo of this.

It is yet another dreary Sunday, the sun is hiding behind the pale grey clouds which deliver a sprinkle of rain every so often. And there is no better way to make those clouds a little brighter than with a few things that I’ve been liking these past few days.

Crown Street Public School has released a cook book called Crown Street Cooks which from the preview is 100% Surry Hills. Gosh I’ve not spent much time in Surry Hills at all, but those few days there last year are still firm in my heart. And what better way to remember Crown Street than a song about Crown Street.

Crown Street by Women in Docs
[audio:Women in Docs – Crown Street.mp3]

I’m loving this Orchid lamp shade by Alex Earl

Rolling Stone has published 20 inside photos from Mad Men in black and white of course and whoa they are amazing photos. Sadly there is only two episodes left of season 4 🙁

and that is three very lovely things.

Sunday yet again and a perfect day for washing

This rainy winter we are having is an adventure in washing clothes (or more to the point drying them). I didn’t get a change to do my washing last weekend because of the rain showers, yesterday I was about to put the washing on when it started raining. I checked today’s forecast about three times yesterday each time content that it said fine and no mention of possible showers.

This morning when I got up, one of the first things I did was put a load of washing on and as soon as it had finished I put my second load on. Whilst I was putting the washing out, I had a lovely chat to the old lady next door. After a while though grey clouds started appearing and I was not happy. I cherry picked what was dry and retired to the deck with a book and a cuppa so I could spot rain at the first moment.

I was very lucky today in that it didn’t rain and now I have a full wardrobe again 🙂

This sight made me happy today 🙂

Sunday Washing

Sunday comes about but once a week

“Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.”
Joseph Addison

Sundays are nice days, out of Saturday and Sunday I think I like Sunday the most. Sundays are not so frantically filled as Saturdays. Sundays are about delighting in the littler things. Wiping the kitchen benches down and taking a moment to pause and smile at those clean surfaces. Ripping out 70% of the crochet you had done that day because you discovered a mistake which you know you could never ignore. Whipping up a very fast treat baked treat for Brown Owls. Sitting on your bed and just listening to James Morrison. Finding the basket for my bike that fits my criteria the most, now to get it painted white. This was my Sunday

This is my current wip, that I started this morning at Brown Owls. A granny square with larger than life dimensions, no idea yet as to how large it will get but thought is that it needs to be snuggable, so I’m thinking it will need at least 7 skeins. I am using Noro Taiyo in colour 11, which I just adore, it feels so lovely.

This arvo after I had done another row or two, I was looking at it closely and realised that on one side I had managed to get two extra clusters, gah. I thought about ways to reduce it but ended up ripping it apart till I had only three rounds completed…. I’ve done about seven rounds now and it looks much better than it did before.

On the way to becoming a very big granny square On the way to becoming a very big granny square

Yesterday I made my book case curtains and today I borrowed the drill and put it up. It looks so pretty! I love the fabric. I had a fun time using the hemmer foot.

This is what I took for morno’s at Brown Owls, a pear and hazelnut torta which is a recipe by Belinda Jeffery in the May 2009 issue of Delicious. It took me about 10 minutes this morning to put it together and then it was in the oven for about 30 mins and ready to go. I am going to make it again in the near future but playing with different nuts and fruit.
pear and hazelnut torta pear and hazelnut torta

Lazy Sunday

I need to stop going off on tangents. I sit down to do one thing and end up 45mins later somewhere else and having barely touched what I sat down to start.

Last Sunday was a Sunday. Not one of those Sundays but one of those Sundays. Sundays where we spend the arvo at the Farm. Sundays where we get out of the car and a minute later are sprawled out on Grandad’s bed talking about the week, what we have seen in the paper today or of course just plotting world domination plotting world domination with Grandad

Lazy Sundays

Those Sundays are also about going for a walk. Though this Sunday it started raining so we went back inside to read instead. I caught up on my National Geographics. Matthew slept. Pabbi read/slept/just lazed around.
Day Lilly
Pabbi, Dad, Papa, Father

Sunday in Brisbane

Sunday, Mum and I spent the day doing some cultural sight seeing around inner Brisbane. We started off at Southbank before getting on the City Cat down to the Powerhouse to check out the new photography exhibit (not the biggest fan of it) and then back on the City Cat to Bulimba to the Queensland Centre for Photography where my Aunt is currently exhibiting some work.

Chocolate Concord, River Bend Books, Bulimba

Then we met up with Georgie for a quick stroll on Oxford St, a browse at Riverbend books and a bite to eat (the above picture, which we split into three parts). Then it was back on the cross river ferry to Tenerife and the bus into the Valley where we browsed in Mod Cons and then finally the bus home.

A very nice day indeed.