#thissundaylife<br />
The vigil hour has passed.<br />
A light still burns to #LighttheDark</p>
<p>I found it quite fitting that my #goodreads quote of the day for today is this one by #ArthurSchopenhauer "Compassion is the basis of morality." Words of truth.</p>
<p>Reza, you live on.
The vigil hour has passed.
A light still burns to #LighttheDark

I found it quite fitting that my #goodreads quote of the day for today is this one by #ArthurSchopenhauer “Compassion is the basis of morality.” Words of truth.

Reza, you live on.

Reza, I’m sorry this happened.

Reza,  your family and friends I’m so very sorry that the government of my country failed you.

Reza, I’m sorry that you were only 23.

Reza, I’m sorry that you will never set your feet on Australian soil.

Reza, I’m sorry that you will never run red dirt through your fingers or wiggle your toes in white sand.

Reza, I’m sorry that my government plays politics with the fear.

Reza, I’m sorry that my country continues to ignore the very basic truths of the UN Refugee convention.

Reza, I’m sorry that my government and my country continued to dehumanise up until the last breath you took.

Reza, I only hope that this at last is the wake up call that that my country needs that we need to stop allowing our government and our fellow Australians that playing politics with the lives of vulnerable people is not ok.

Vale Reza Berati








#thissundaylife almost forgotten.<br />
A day filled with other people's spreadsheets.<br />
A battle not yet won.</p>
<p>Orchids from my #flowerauction flowers.<br />
#KleanKanteen because this girl gets dehydrated really easy in this weather.<br />
Art because, there could be art covering all my walls and it still wouldn't be enough.
#thissundaylife almost forgotten.

Orchids from my #flowerauction flowers.
#KleanKanteen because this girl gets dehydrated really easy in this weather.
Art because, there could be art covering all my walls and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Curtains for the balcony room

One old sari that I picked up from #woodford years ago + a gorgeous piece picked up at #natsinstacatchup from @midcenturyjo + ikea curtain wire = curtains for my studio.<br /><br />
Love how they dance in the breeze.

I struggle on what to call this room, if I’m speaking to family it is typically called Karl or Matthew’s old room as they used to live in it.

For me though is part guest bedroom, part study, part home office, part creating space, part second wardrobe.

When the house got re-painted I didn’t put the curtain rails back up. As it is no longer a bedroom it no longer needed block out curtains.

Instead I left the windows bare and let the light shine on in. If I needed curtains I would bulldog clip fabric to the window frames.

A trip to Ikea the other month I finally picked up some more Dignitet curtain wire and put it up.

A old sari that I picked up from a stall at the Woodford Folk Festival many moons ago serves as the curtain on the long side of the room and a length of green fabric is the curtain for the shorter side.

They dance quite perfectly in the breeze and run up and down the curtain wire when the wind gets up.

A very lovely and overdue addition to the room.











My plan for 1 photo and post every Sunday on a moment from that day.

I baked the #bread.<br /><br />
I grew the #tomatoes.<br /><br />

Breakfast today.

Bread I baked, Tomatoes I grew.

Tommy Toe tomatoes from my garden on grilled beer bread that I make once a week as a “sandwich/breakfast toast” loaf.

Very, very, very yummy.


Bulmers O’Clock

A hot afternoon spent in the garden.
A lazy evening spent on the patio with a blackcurrant Bulmers.
Dinner cooked by my little brother.

links, pictures and oh the most beautiful house

This photo makes me quite sad. I know it would have been quite a feat for these men to chop down this tree but look at the girth of it. That tree had seen so many years pass as it grew and grew and grew in the forest and then it was felled and turned into various wooden products. Can you imagine seeing a tree that had a trunk that large???

Almedahls made a Figgjo Lotte tablecloth and place mats back in the day. I’ve seen one set of place mats and two tablecloths come up for auction on ebay recently and they all alluded me by a whisper. In my search for more infomation I came across this lovely blog post, unfortunately I’m yet to figure out to enter captcha when it is in Japanese so I’ve not been able to comment.

Are these not the loveliest street shoes you’ve seen? There are some other shoes in the Nike Liberty collection but the above are by far the prettiest. le Sigh, they no longer have my size.

now onto houses.

Here we have a house that is so very Queensland built in the late 70s nearing the end of the Modern design. The listing is here and it’s in Pinjarra Hills if you’re looking for a new house.. That magnificent double height living area with all that glass…

now we step back a few decades and land ourselves in Bundaberg or Bundy as you may prefer to call the town.

When I first came across this listing, oh my heart jumped. Those curves, those windows, that price, the arches, the kitchen cabinetry, the ceiling panels, the mirror above the fireplace, the curve feature stairs. Oh, I could go on and on and on and on. $235k, that’s what they are asking. Gosh, if only I didn’t already have a mortgage. Some one please buy it now and sell it to me in a handful of years please?

I mean look at that house, all it needs is an update to the bathroom and some accent paint on the external features and oh, it would be so lovely. I tell you, you live in that house and you wouldn’t even think you were living in Bundy! In fact that house doesn’t even look it belongs in Bundy!

Smile at the moon, I can’t decide which photo I like most.

Good night.