Mt Mitchell

On Saturday Mum and I went on our first YHA Bushwalkers walk, a pleasant 10km stroll up Mt Mitchell in the Main Range. There were fifteen of us on the walk and was it was meeting some new people and walking in clear weather.
birds on a log

One of my highlights was “feasting” on wild raspberries with my lunch and ringing Grandad in his hospital bed from the top of the mountain.
Wild Raspberry snacks Wild Raspberry snacks Ringing Grandad

It is such an easy walk, I almost felt like running back down the track but didn’t instead I ran my hands over the grass trees, each time, delighting in the rush of the leaves over the palm of my hand.
grass trees

I had forgotten how much I love the view from the gap. Sitting on a rock looking out over the Fassifern Valley it just looks so nice.
Fassifern Valley Looking West

When the walk was over we had a little shop in the very nice Aratula Fruit Market before heading back to Brisbane and stopping in for a little while at the hospital to visit Grandad for a while.

Birthday Eve Dinner at 589

Yesterday we headed up to 589, commonly known as Glasshouse Mountains Lookout or Forestry Lookout 589 for Birthday Eve BBQ Tea for Grandad who turned 88 today.

I made a pavlova for dessert, my first! I then ate a whole lot of pavlova for dessert. Pavlova isn’t exactly the most friendly dessert for a 1 day shy of 88 diabetic….

Eating a BBQ dinner.
Birthday Dinner

I got a chance to play with my GNDs taking this shot of the soon to set sun.
Forestry Lookout 589, 28/366

Prior to heading up to 589 we did the usual lazing round the farm on an arvo, reading, watching the birds, photographing etc etc.
There were a few birds that were having a ball splashing their tail feathers in the water and of course making for a good photo.
Splish Splash

And of course a Galah.

Lazy Sunday

I need to stop going off on tangents. I sit down to do one thing and end up 45mins later somewhere else and having barely touched what I sat down to start.

Last Sunday was a Sunday. Not one of those Sundays but one of those Sundays. Sundays where we spend the arvo at the Farm. Sundays where we get out of the car and a minute later are sprawled out on Grandad’s bed talking about the week, what we have seen in the paper today or of course just plotting world domination plotting world domination with Grandad

Lazy Sundays

Those Sundays are also about going for a walk. Though this Sunday it started raining so we went back inside to read instead. I caught up on my National Geographics. Matthew slept. Pabbi read/slept/just lazed around.
Day Lilly
Pabbi, Dad, Papa, Father

Birthday Breakfast

We went to Walkabout Creek yesterday morning for a Big Breakfast Buffet to celebrate my Birthday. Pabbi picked Grandad up from The Farm for the occasion and then we headed over to Brisbane Forest Park for some serious Breakfast Buffeting as in I am not having lunch today and won’t eat much for dinner sort of Breakfast. It t’was very good indeed. Lots of very yummy foods. The waffles were huge and very nice with Greek yoghurt and berry compote and there was Danishes and bacon, lots of bacon and very nice breakfast.

I had hoped to get a photo of Matthew as he was told that he had to let me take his photo as it was my Birthday event, somehow it didn’t transpire. I did two very nice photos of Pabbi and Grandad though.


Grandad brought a Hippeastrum stalk down with him for me to put my desk at work this week. He must have known that the Crucifix Orchids that I had picked at The Farm a fortnight ago had reached the end of their life on Friday. I have quite liked looking at the Hippeastrum flowers at work today, so big and red πŸ˜€