The Breeders are coming!!!

breeders tour poster

😀 I still am not a big fan of the new album but I have waited gee almost half my life or perhaps even more than half my life to see them play live and the time is near 😀

JULY Wed 30 Perth, Australia The Capitol
JULY Thu 21 Adelaide, Australia Fowlers Live
AUG Sat 2 Sydney, Australia Metro Theatre
AUG Mon 4 Brisbane, Australia The Zoo
AUG Tue 5 Melbourne, Australia Billboard

Is Helen happy? This is just the icing on the cake! I had a great weekend a post is coming on that.

Oh so happy!

José González

damm. what a night it was.

Last night it was raining (no surprise here at the moment), people were standing outside the Tivoli wearing scarves and beanies. Inside a night of magical music was about to get under way. José González was in town and it was a sold out show.

Emily Barker.
She had just the right blend of folk, country and alt. It was the first time she had played in Brisbane and I am looking forward to her coming back and playing the Troubie as she was sort of drowning in the audience last night
emily barker

José González.
I was blown to the wall. The music was so rich, deep and vibrant. The sound had this depth that just isn’t there on a CD. It left my heart feeling really nice and warm, the perfect antidote to a wet Brisbane night. The first half dozen songs he played by himself and then he brought the band out for the rest of the set. It was a very low key band. A guy and and a girl, doing some back up vocals and providing some percussion. Really well put together, minimalist but full of life. I walked out of the Tivoli with my brolly and the most peaceful feeling inside of me which is just what I need at the moment since life threw me some curveballs earlier in the week. I dearly would have loved to have heard his cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart as that would have been the cherry on top of the sprinkles.


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I have to be this way.

Friday night in The Valley.
The eve of Summer.
The Zoo.
85% sweaty males in black t-shirts.
Melbourne Bitter was the flavour of the night.
One of the greatest Punk bands.
Something special.
$35 was a bargain price.
It was The Bouncing Souls.
There is a reason they are who they are.
It was a very good night.

I went with my little brothers and one girlfriend. There was Carter ambushing Kate, yeah that Kate as in Futon store Kate. There was a guy who was in my year at school breaking his nose in the 2nd song. There were the people who smiled at me when they saw my camera and let me pop in front of them or forming a guard round me to prevent stage divers landing on me. There was milling on Ann St after the show whilst Matthew talked to the various randoms/scene kids.

It was a night which was a good night. The support bands were good, The Zoo wasn’t as hot as it normally gets.

The supports were The Gift Horse and The Black Market.
The Gift Horse The Black Market

Then it was The ‘Souls.
Greg Attonito, The Bouncing Souls, The Zoo, 30/11/07 The Souls! Punks in Vegas Duet The Bouncing Souls, The Zoo, 30/11/07

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