December Eve

1 star, 2 star, 3 star

Tomorrow is a lovely day. December 1, the countdown more officially begins for Christmas. On Sunday, I lit the first candle in my Advent wreath. Tonight, I’ve spent the evening making a big paper chain garland, not exactly sure where I will hang it but probably crisscrossing the ceiling of my room. The most important decision that I need to make between now and tomorrow is where I’m going to put my little tree this year. The first thing I did when I came home from work this afternoon was to polish the silver tray I put it on.

ahhh exciting times. This weekend I’ll be doing my first “official” batch of baking and making.

I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t get to put up my vintage tinsel tree this year but there’s not much point since I’ll be in NZ for Christmas.

Saturday night was the Christmas Party and oh it was a great night. Check out my hair!

Christmas Party

I got my hair done on Saturday morning and that really made me decide what I was wearing – I had about 3 options lined up and in the end settled on the frock in the above photo (obviously), it’s from Veronika Maine and I love it. It was my birthday frock this year. I found the glasses on ebay – got 3 pair of empty frames for about $15 (score). If I ever need glasses, I hope I can get lenses put in those frames … I wore a netted petticoat to pouf the dress out, pearls (of course) and on my lips was MAC Ruby Woo (that classic matte red lipstick). I’ll have to wait till I get some photos off the others to show you the shirt I got for N. It’s a classic.

We had everything from 20’s flappers to us Mid Century Girls to 80’s glam rock. Just about everyone put a lot of effort into their outfits which made judging for the various prizes very hard!

a reason to wear shoes inside

I had my exam last Friday and it went about as I expected. There were a few things I knew I should have done more study on but all in all I’m reasonably happy with how it went. Now I just have to wait till the 29th for results to be released.

I had almost the best weekend after my exam. I got the CityCat home, did all those jobs round the place that I had put off for the last two weeks, went to the markets, purged stuff from my room, made a really nice turkey and pork bolognese for dinner with N on Saturday night, went to Finders Keepers with G on Sunday arvo (we think it should have been called the Brooch Market as I think the majority of stalls had broooches for sale). Then since Mum was leaving for Patagonia and Antarctica on Monday morning for the next 7 weeks, I headed over for a bon voyage dinner (cold roast lamb, fresh roast vegies, chocolate self saucing pudding and custard – so so yummy).

This is all sounding pretty good isn’t it? but here comes the event that changed the best weekend to the almost the best weekend.

I went to the sewing room to borrow a sewing machine to fill in my time that was formerly occupied with study … Then I stood on something and let out a few words. A sewing room of course meant that I stood on a sewing needle. I looked at my foot and couldn’t see anything but a itsy bitsy teen drop of blood. I ran my hand over the carpet and pulled out a needle fragment – about 1cm long.

Ok I thought, I must have just stood on that spot in the carpet and it poked me and didn’t do anything else …. you can see where this is going can’t you ….

I walked back out to the kitchen, grabbed an ice-pack and numbed my foot for a while and then it was time for me to head home and for Mum to pack her bags.

I woke up Monday morning in pain, so much pain. I called Mum at sparrow’s fart to wish her will on her trip but the call was mostly me sobbing in my pain about my foot. Poor Mum, here she is heading half way round the world for the next 7 weeks and she has a 25 year old daughter sobbing down the phone line in pain.

I took Monday off work, went to the local GP and got a tetanus shot and he told me just to keep my foot elevated and stay off it. By the way, tetanus shots are so painless now – nothing like they used to be. I’ve had no bruise or arm pain – bonus. At this stage I had no reason to think that there was any part of the needle in my foot.

Monday night I was still in agony. Tuesday morning, I drove into work (no way could I walk to and from the train station) for a couple of hours to sort out my work and then I made an appointment with my family GP on the Northside for that arvo. A bit of a chat, a script and an x-ray referral later I was heading down to the local x-ray clinic for a few scans as the amount of pain I was in was indicating that something must be in there.

A few jokes with the radiographer later and ohh look at what we have here. Yep, there sure is a needle in my foot. I must have stood on the needle, part of it went into my foot and then broke off (thus the part I found in the carpet). A call to the doc to tell him that I yep I’ve got a needle in my foot. He then went into organising me to see a surgeon to remove it as it is not something that a GP can remove due to possible complications with the bone/nerves etc. Fun times.

Why hello sewing needle, what are you doing in there?

I had today off and will have the rest of the week off at least.
I’ve got a consult with the surgeon tomorrow morning and hopefully they will be able to fit me in for surgery on Friday…

I’ve spent the better part of the last three days, in bed with my foot elevated and an ice-pack strapped on it at times. Laying down in bed the pain is only there in the morning. I wake up to the most excruciating pain.

As I type this now, I would only be able to tell you that I had a needle in my foot by the fact that I can’t move the smaller toes on my foot or the fact that it is slightly swollen.

If I stand up though, that is a whole different story … that is when the pain kicks in and the needle starts to make its presence known. I’ve become apt at walking on the heel of my foot.

I’m sooo looking forward to the consult tomorrow morning. I just want that thing out of my foot! I’ve spent a fair bit of my life walking round bare-foot and I think after this I will be wearing shoes a bit more than I used to. I don’t want a repeat of this adventure any time soon.

The lesson to learn from this post? Wear shoes when walking round a craft/sewing room.

To be continued …

Weekend Mornings

There is one thing that I always try to make time for on at least one morning of the weekend and that is to have a slow breakfast on the deck couch with a pot of tea (Sencha Peach from T2, muesli with yoghurt and fruit or toast with Vegemite and some reading material. It may be the most recent book I’ve got out of the library or it will be an issue of Real Living.

tea and magazines

Whilst, the above activities are not affected by the weather, the following is. If the sun is out and I can’t tell you how happy I was that it was out this morning, the hum of the washing machine downstairs is the sound of a weekend morning. This of course provides the following outcome.

washing on the line

Georgie took me to the Valentino Retrospective at GOMA this mid-afternoon as a belated birthday present. Whoa, those outfits are amazing, some are plain crazy, some are beautiful, others are amazing. The work and detail is just incredible.

I took this photo on the way past QAG heading towards GOMA.

Cement Paradise

Not Sundae today

It’s been an interesting last little while

The Kitchen, 179/365.
Dinner Time, 179/365

The Sails, 180/365
Sailing away, 180/265

This is it, 181/365
This is it, 181/365

Day 182 or My big trip to the Gympie area to check out Antique and Op shops.
The Lifeline Sunshine Coast sale at Gympie – the reason for the trip. I came away with a pair of jeans, a few tops, a cardi, a tunic and a few other bits and bobs.
All items $3.50

A canister set that I found adorable – they had one for oatmeal!!
Love this canister set

Isn’t the design on this wash set just so perfect?
Love this design

Fat Hen Creek, 182/365
I’m guessing the creek is full of super nutrients that produce fat chooks?
Fat Hen Creek, 182/365

Day 183, Lifeline bookfest and cocktails.
Fish Lane, I just love this for a street name, I wonder if at some stage there was a fish market here? Taken on the way back to the car from the bookfest.
Something Fishy

Sapphire Sunday at Libertine with Sam and Katherine.
A matter of what to say here. The cocktails were amazing, the food was quite good but the service was beyond belief.
Sapphire Sunday at Libertine

I do believe it’s Mango time, 183/365
I decided to walk home from The Barracks and stopped to smile at the squashed mangos on the road.
Mango, squashed, 183/365

Coro Drive, 17:48, 184/365
Coro Drive, Traffic, 184/365

A fold a day, 185/365
I’ve had this calendar on my Amazon wishlist for a while, imagine my delight when I found it amongst the $5 2010 calendars and diaries at Borders???
A fold away keeps the doctor away, 185/365

Supersize Loftkökur, 186/365
Supersize Loftkökur, 186/365

Contrails, 187/365
I was on the way to work and looked up and saw this :D, can you see the birdies in the bottom right of the frame?
Contrails, 187/365

Today is Friday! Yippea! We are celebrating Grandad’s 90th! Birthday tomorrow. It will be quite a bash, with lots of extended family coming. 😀

Have you seen this? – Love Project. I love it 😀

hello world!

I’m still breathing, still taking a photo a day (today is day 147!! when I tried the other year I only got to day 75). Christmas is just about upon us and as per usual I’m excited and planning all sorts of things. To bring things up to speed here are photos 62-147. Just a few! If you would prefer to be able to read the comments first, here is the Flickr link
I will post some more Bali and Sydney later.

co-joined nanas, 62/365 Our first Bali Sunset, 63/365 Bali Orchid Garden, 64/365 Art Installation.., 65/365 Monkey Village Road, 66/365 The rice and us, 67/365 Fishy Foot Spa, 68/365 fruit platter breakfast, 69/365 Lovina, 70/365 Snorkelling at Menjangan island, 71/365 Lovina, 72/365 Lovina, 73/365 Amed, 74/365 Amed, 75/365 Kuta, 76/365 Somewhere above W QLD, 77/365 home and unpacked, 78/365 Kuta Nails, 79/365 The med files wrapped and ready to go, 80/365 Jacaranda Green, 81/365 Kuta Shirt, 82/365 lamp shadow, 83/365 Sesame Prawn Salad, 84/365 Mulberries :D, 85/365 2P, 86/365 chair, 87/365 Soto Ayam, 88/365 New Shoes, 89/365 My Ubud Ring, 90/365 55K, 91/365 Cactus Jacks, 92/365 Clove strands, 93/365 Presents from Karl, 94/365 Interesting, 95/365 Such a lovely building, 96/365 Tools of the trade, 97/365 My quilt, 98/365 Ladies in Pink, 99/365 dinner, 100/365 A sage beginning, 101/365 too low, 102/365 new shoes, 103/365 new top, 104/365 Washing trolley, 105/365 Lace Necklace, 106/365 crunchy slaw, 107/365 Melbourne Cup Hats, 108/365 Frocked up for the The Trocks, 109/365 Mint, 110/365 Friday Night, 111/365 refelction, 112/365 Twin Houses, 113/365seasame noodles, 114/365 Hey Cus? 116/365 The City, 117/365 Morning light, coloured light, 118/365 red gold, 119/365 lunch, 120/365 Grow! 121/365 big bug/beetle, 122/365 sweet notes, 123/365 Brisbane Sunset, 124/365 Wollstonecraft, 125/365 mmmmm rhubarb, 126/365 Sprite bottle Christmas Tree, 127/365 The Oooooooopra House, 128/365 to unpack, 129/365 love this light, 130/365 1927!! 131/365 Chocolate Roll, 132/365 light, 133/365 me, 135/365 First day of summer dinner! 136/365 progress, 137/365 a wish, 138/365 yellow, 139/365 Christmas is near, 140/365 pretty things, 141/365 pine cones, 142/365 waiting, 143/365 stars, 144/365 Red Ribbon, 145/365 gorgeous clouds, 146/365 having a mango, passion fruit and banana smoothie, 147/365


Well Toto, we ain’t in Bali any more….

Sam and I on Kuta Beach

We had a really fast flight home – only about 5hrs compared to the 6.5 odd hrs on the way there. Still got home to my parents round midnight. It was still too early to crash so we watched the Glee dvd we had picked up, had Vegemite toast then it was time to crash. Sunday morning we went to Sizzlers for real aussie buffet breakfast, then it was time to drop Sam off at the airport and head home to unpack, wash, sleep etc before heading back to work yesterday…..

I wouldn’t mind been back there …. I miss my mango juices…