concerts, concerts, concerts

As we draw nearer to summer, the concert calender really hots up 🙂 and it really looks like I am going to go broke and this does not even include the couple of festivals that are coming up, why do I have to like music so much???

August 19, 2005 – Little Birdy (playing this weekend, really cheap tickets, might go in after work to see them)

August 22, 2005 – Nine Inch Nails (not going but wouldn’t it be awsome to see them live especially to see Perfect Drug live)

September 4, 2005 – MxPx & Motion City Soundtrack (going to skip this one as well but it would be a good show to go to)

September 10, 2005 – The Mountain Goats (A case of almost wetting my pants, a super rad band that I discovered on KEXP one day and it is the day before my birthday how could it get any cooler?? )

September 15, 2005 – Spoon (will probably be my second birthday present to myself, like many people I found them through the OC and it has become so much more sense then)

Sepember 18, 2005 – The Hives (They’re sweedish, they rock and it is a 18+ even that means no squealing 10 year olds)

September 23, 2005 – Black Eyed Peas (Thought about going to this as I do like a good selection of the songs but it is one pricey concert ticket so going to skip this one)

September 24, 2005 – Garbage (again could be a good show but the tickets are way overpriced for who Garbage is, sorry folks maybe next time)

October 1, 2005 – Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger (Hope to drag Matthew or have him drag me to this show, what a combo of great bands for a night of ska’ing)

October 2, 2005 – Simple Plan, The All-American Rejects and Kisschassy (Sam and I are going to this, trying to toss up at the moment between getting mosh tickets off ebay for a little bit more or sitting up the back in the seats. We both saw Simple Plan when they played earlier this year with Green Day but I am going to see AAR – swoon, I almost had a heart attack when I saw they were coming out with SP, love, love, love AAR and then Sam wants to see Kisschassy, a really good band from Melbourne – Going to be one hell of a good night)

Ocotober 29, 2005 – Missy Higgins, Ben Lee, Howie Day, Ray LaMontagne and more. (This hopefully won’t be as much of a pot smoking night like Jack Johnson was but it will still be a nice summer evening out at the gardens for some top music)

November 26, 2005 – Oasis (how could I not go to this? not sure who I will drag along yet maybe Matthew but I mean these are the guys who have written so many classic songs it will be a great night)

December 2, 2005 – Foo Fighters (I was too young to see Nirvana live but at least I can see Dave Grohl in the Foos)

iTunes Meme

The flu is basically gone, I have some minor head aches but all is good 🙂
I saw this on Niki’s blog and thought it looked fun 🙂

How many songs?
4174 songs, 10 Days, 18 Hours, 33 Minutes and 28 seconds total playing time, 15.79 GB (Though this is a rather partial collection, it includes most of my music, some of Matthew’s and some of Karl’s but not all the music of theirs I listen to. As well as a fair bit of crap music I have to get round to deleting).

Sorted by song title, the first and last songs:
’97 Bonnie and Clyde – Tori Amos (none of this Enimen stuff here)
Zoot Suit Riot – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

Sorted by artist, the first and last songs:
Here without you – 3 Doors Down
Gimme All Your Lovin’ – ZZ Top

Top 10 most-played songs:
(Most played at No. 1)
Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap
The Wind – Cat Stevens
Money (That’s What I Want) – Flying Lizards
My Paper Heart – The All-American Rejects
With or Without You – U2
Bat out of Hell – Meat Loaf
Swing Swing – The All-American Rejects
Sorry – Rooney
Caravan – Rachel Portman
Orange Sky – Alexi Murdoch

Top 10 recently played songs:
(Most recently played at No. 1)
Bang and Blame – REM
Please Me Like You Want To – Ben Harper
9 Times a Day – Xavier Rudd
You were meant for me – Jewel
Night Moves – Bob Seeger
Copperhead Road – Steve Earle
Stuck in a Moment – U2
Bruca Manigua – Buena Vista Social Club
How Do I Deal – Jennifer Love Hewitt
Africa Unite – Bob Marley

Find “sex�; how many songs? 9
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy – N-Trance feat Rod Stewart
Sex Bomb – Tom Jones with Mousse T
Sexual Healing – Ben Harper
Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye
Sexy – Black Eyed Peas
Sexy Boy – Air
Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate
Sexyplexy – Jack Johnson
So Unsexy – Alanis Morissette

Find “death�; how many songs? 6
Death Defy – Motor Ace
A Lack of Colour – Death Cab For Cutie
All is Full of Love – Death Cab For Cutie
Expo ’86 – Death Cab For Cutie
Lightness – Death Cab For Cutie
The New Year – Death Cab For Cutie

Find “love�; how many songs?
Global Search — 215
Song title Search — 117
(5 most played songs)
I’d Do Anything For Love – Meat Loaf
Pride in the name of Love – U2
Love Song – Amiel
Where is the Love – Black Eyed Peas
What the World Needs Now is Love – Burt Bacharach

Find “peace�; how many songs? 3
Peace – Norah Jones
Peace Train – Cat Stevens
Love and Peace or Else – U2

Find “rain�; how many songs?
Global/Song title Search — 52
(5 most played songs)
Crying in the Rain – Carole King
The Beauty of the Rain – Dar Williams
Over the Rainbow – Eva Cassidy
Downtown – Brainstorm
Just a Walking in the Rain – Johnnie Ray

Find “sun�; how many songs?
Global/Song title Search — 84
(5 most played songs)
Sun Street – Katrina and the Waves
Hello Sunshine – Super Furry Animals
Island in the Sun – Weezer
Sunshine on my Shoulders – John Denver
Sunny Ray – Mambo All-Stars

the something special

When washing up in our house the washer gets to pick the music, since Matthew normally washes, he gets to pick the music which normally consists of tunes from 7 seconds, agnostic front, rancid, bouncing souls, sick of it all, misfits, nekromantix, anti-flag, dead kennedys, operation ivy, lars frederiksen and the bastards, vandals plus a stack of other bands.

Most of it I don’t mind but is not something would listen to everyday however recently I have caught my self singing along to the something special by the bouncing souls. It is just such a great song 🙂 Have a listen here – scroll down to the samples section.

The Something Special

We can’t agree on a single thing,
I dont know why.
We almost killed each other on the inside.
I managed to be a jerk anyway,
it doesn’t have to be this way
Forget about the things I said
I make no excuse for them.
I want to start again
We all walk our seperate ways
I don’t know why,
I hope we meet again somewhere some day.
I can’t chage the way you feel
It doesn’t have to be this way
Forget about the things I said,
I make no excuse for them
I want to start again
I think about the two of us,
I don’t know why,
I feel good on the inside.
It’s different now,
I’m one I stand alone.
I have to be this way

Some things I love right now

Finding ink for my printer in the clearance section at Officeworks – Saved $6 just because someone bought the wrong one!

Mum buying me a very funky red polartec jumper for Iceland/rest of my life. It rocks!

The Aussie thread peas for deciding to run an inspired by me challenge, I feel so honoured! Can’t wait to see what they do!

My BrisPea friends for rocking out and always making me laugh! Barb, Beth, Hayley and Leanne and of course their children and husbands for cracking me up as well.

Having ink in my printer, I can print photos!! Have put off buying a new cartridge for a while so my printer has been in hibernation.

Working on my quilt for my eldest sister’s step-son. 14 days to get it done!

This cool link from AmyGBaby Name timeline (my name is dying a slow, slow death)

My little brother Matthew (who is taller and possibly has more hair then I do.. well not quite) for just been so cute with how he views the world.

New books from the library.

Giving Sean the canvas I drew and the message I got this morning saying how much it rocks.

The new albums from Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay and Michael Buble. Ultra cool music!

11 days till the new Dropkick Murphys album comes out!

13 days till my exams finish!

15 days till we leave for Iceland!

hide and seek

The OC has introduced or re-introduced me to many, many songs, in fact maybe I just watch it for the music (who am I kidding). Well in the Finale an incredibly enchanting song was played. Which since getting the song I have had on continuos repeat. It wakes up something inside me, during essay writing last night, when I had a block I would listen to the song a couple of times and then go back and type 🙂 Motivating music. So much of my life is about Music, sounds. When I am on the bus with earphones in my ear, I am not just listening to the music but to everything happening around me. The melody of life with the harmony of music flowing and weaving around it. Just Listen.

Hide and Seek
by Imogen Heap

where are we? what the hell is going on?
the dust has only just began to fall
crop circles in the carpet, sinking, feeling
spin me around again and rub my eyes
this can’t be happening
when busy streets a mess with people would stop to hold their heads heavy

hide and seek
trains and sewing machines?
all those years they were here first

oily marks appear on walls
where pleasue moments hung before
the takeover, the sweeping insensitivity of this
still alive

hide and seek
trains and sewing machines? oh, you won’t catch me around here
blood and tears they were here first

mm what you say
oh that you only meant well, well of course you did
mm what you say
mm that it’s all for the best, of course it is
mm what you say
that IT’S JUST what we need, you decided this
mm what you say
what did she say?

ransom notes keep falling at your mouth
mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs
speak no feeling no i don’t believe you
you don’t care a bit you don’t care a bit

you don’t care a bit
you don’t care a bit
you don’t care a bit
you don’t care a bit
you don’t care a bit