exams, post and fun

Well I now have two mid-semesters completed and one to do next friday, now I can focus on my semester essays all that are now round the 3000 word mark and require extensive research.

My heart broke for a stranger in my mid-semester today for a class called Approaches to Asia’s History, we only have about 15 students in the subject, so when this girl rocked up today for the exam, we were suprised, she had not been to any of the workshops, so I watched her periodically during the exam and when she got up to leave and hand in her paper, the lecturer advised her to come to workshops when she can and then when she left, started to read her paper, like he had for the others who had already left, I could see that she had left most of the questions unanswered. I could not understand why, if she knew she could not attend the workshops, why she even enrolled in the class.

I struggled with one question, where I was not able to recall enough information on the events in Pangkor during the 1870’s.

I had a good mail day today, an ebay parcel containing a new memory card for my forthcoming camera, a 2peas order arrived at Barb’s ( πŸ™‚ heaps of fun stuff to play with), and a package arrived from Fiskars with the tools I will be needing when I work for them at the upcoming Craft Show with the extraordinary Helen Williams. Heaps of fun πŸ™‚

Also spent time completing the Virdian Room and Crimson Room, heaps of fun and I got some scrapping in too πŸ™‚

Tommorow I have two 18th birthday parties to attend and photograph, going to be a busy night, I wish my 350D would have arrived for the events but that is not so.

photos are up

photos – I now have all JPG photos from this year up on the website, I have two batches of RAW files to batch yet. Any comments about the layout, feeling, content etc please tell me.

one of those days

Today is one of those days when I wish …
… alcohol was never discovered by early man,
… alcohol was not a problem in my family,
… he would understand the pain we suffer,
… I wouldn’t come home to find him drinking,
… we could understand why he does it,
… people would understand what alcoholism is,
… people would not joke about alcholism,
… people would not encourage him,
… people would not question why I don’t have another drink,
… I did not have to act as a second parent.
… that I had more happy memories of him than negative/sad.
… that friends would see him before choosing to drink excessively.
… that alcohol was not what he uses to cope with his problems.
… that alcholism was given more attention in society.
… that I could have a had an alchol free childhood.
… that he had friends.
… that I had the money and means to move out.
… that I don’t expect things to always go bad for me.

I know that I can’t make him change,
I choose to drink, I don’t drink more than once or twice a month,
I do enjoy having a drink with friends.
I don’t see the appeal of drinking at home or at the pub by yourself.
I know that I can only change how I cope my self.

Growing Up In An Alcoholic Home

in my life.

To a great mate, who had to postpone her first date with a great guy becuase of the dreaded cold, get well πŸ™‚ chica!

I am sitting here doing some scrapping for me and just me, it seems like all the stuff I have done recently is scrapbooking work. I would have never thought when I started scrapbooking that I would be where I am now. It has given me so much.

Had a great day at uni this morning, Cory had brought a family pack of malteasers to the lecture, which made the lecture better for sure, it was a great lecture though – on the Developmental State in Singapore. How is this for keeping it in the family?
The first prime minister of Singapore was Lee Kwan Yew, his eldest son is now the current PM – Lee Hsien Loong, his other son Lee Hsien Yang runs Singtel, the state’s teleco company and then Lee Hsien Loong’s wife Ho Chin runs Temasek, the state’s holding company. That is one powerful family!

Amaztype – Stumbled on this site the other day, makes cool images from a word that is entered. – super cool

18 at Montazuma’s

MontazumaLike my 18th dinner before him, Matthew chose to have his dinner at Montezuma’s. This time however Grandmum was not with us but Daisie and Sean were.
Lots of laughs, lots of silly poses for the camera, all spaced out in an interesting corner booth. Mum complained about the towel for a table cloth again.
Who had what?
All had Nachos to start
Pabbi & Grandad – Albondigas. Mum – Carne enchilada. Daisie – Chicken and sour cream enchilada. Matthew and Sean – Beef enchilada & beef burrito. Helen – Chicken and sour cream enchilada & cheese enchilada. We all went home very full and very happy. Still have to get him an 18th presant though. mmmm

As we were leaving Sean and I started talking about REM and the fact that they are playing in Brisbane next Tuesday (Mar 29th) and there is still tickets left. We had decided to go to Jack Johnson this Thursday night and well now I can say is “Shiny, Happy People” next Tuesday. Love ya Sean πŸ™‚