A nice sunset.

It is the time of year when we tend to get a lot of nice sunsets and they just make me smile πŸ™‚

Sunset over Nundah

The week and the end.

Monday, 71/366
little lost shoe, 71/366

Tuesday, 72/366
lantern, 72/366

Wednesday, 73/366
ohhhh dof diptych, 73/366

Thursday, 74/366
the things that are dear to me, 74/366

Friday, 75/366
a ray of light on a the seat, 75/366

Saturday, 76/366
stop, the end, 76/366
Stop Driving, such a West End thing. In my case though it is Stop 366.
This photo marks the end of my attempt at 366 in 2008. I was going to try to hold at out to 100/366 but I am throwing my lens cap into the ring now.
I have taken some photos I would never have taken before in the last 76 days, photos that I like but I have also taken photos which I don’t really like and were only taken because I needed a photo for the day.

The last couple of weeks it has seemed that taking a photo for the day has been the only thing on my mind. What will I take for the photo for today etc etc. I have better, more productive things to do with my time than sit there thinking, what in my room have I not taken a photo of.

And perhaps I might even shock horror post here more as I won’t be spending time, thinking what oh what can I take a photo of today.

a place of music.

On the Tuesday, the computer said go to Rics, stay out late and enjoy every minute of it. I did as the computer said.

Grassroots Street Orchestra (herein referred to as GSO because that is a whole lot easier to say and makes me think of a SO when I say it) and Mister Laneous & The Family-Yah (herein referred to as Mr Laneous) played a late Tuesday night gig this past Tuesday and even though I stayed out way past my bed time (am not a uni student any more) as the show started a little bit later than they tend to it was worth every bit of it.

I had seen part of a set by Mr Laneous a couple of weeks ago when they were playing a Sunday afternoon slot at Rics and I had liked what I had heard for sure. This time I got to see a whole set and it was like I am tempted to say a spoonful of sweet chilli philly, though it was a more grittier feel than that. One thing I did make a special note in my diary of was this song which I will call Going Crazy/Crazy for You, which was a pretty sweet duet affair with Mr Laneous and Georgia Potter. Really wish now that I had taken more photos of them but I was a bit slack and I made up for it with photos of GSO.

The Family Yeah

I remember the first time I saw an “ad” for a GSO gig in a Time Off and thinking that sounds like a pretty cool band and I should get up and go to the gig. For some reason I didn’t. I wish I had now because between then and when I first saw GSO live in January, I have missed a lot of opportunities. That is life though and as much as I wish I could go back and start things over I can’t so I move forward.

GSO was raw music, words, reason. It was not really about a band playing to an audience, it was a much more fluid environment with the band feeding off the energy of the crowd and the crowd absorbing every word, note and arm waving of GSO.

Side note: Something else I have come to realise in the last week about local acts over national acts and even more so over international acts is that whilst the sound of a local act may not be as polished or the stage show as an international, I think given the option nine times out of ten now I would pick seeing a local act as they live in the same city as you. They have to deal with the same politics, events, landscape as you and it is through the music that they express how they see it. I rarely accept friend requests on myspace from bands that are not local. I have so many ideas to develop and enrich the local music scene (in fact I have a notebook full) and one day I hope I am able to get at least some of them up off the ground.

Back to GSO. Apart from having total respect for how Surya wraps his tongue around those words, it is just the right music for life at the moment.
GSO Crowd

Gig Gallery

one spire, two spire, cathedral

Yesterday the Cathedral across the street from where I work stepped one step closer to completion with the spires lifted into place. Each spire weighs a whopping 9 tonne and they were lifted into place by a 350 tonne crane on the back of a truck.

I had read in Friday’s paper that the spires were going up on Saturday but there was no mention of the time. When I woke up I rang the paper, the radio station, the tv station and the cathedral and I couldn’t get any answers either due to the phone not been answered or people not knowing. I then rang work and was told that one spire was up already. I packed a camera bag, jumped in the car and rushed into work. When I got to my level at work, I saw that they were still working on the first spire and there was a sizeable crowd in the square below. I figured that I would wait in the air-con, doing some loose ends at work till there was some movement on the ground with the second spire. When I saw things moving into place for the second spire, I raced to the elevator and willed it to descend faster. Oh it was a sight to see. The spires are almost as tall as the building itself. There were lots and lots of cameras and video cameras of all shapes and sizes. From Kodak disposables to a Leica to compact digitals and DSLRs, everyone wanted a photo.

If you mouse over the photos, you should get the titles, otherwise you can click through as always to the larger photo.
Step 1, attaching the crane Step 2, coming back down to earth Step 3, showing the size Step 6, lifting the spire, 62/366 The sign Step 7, putting her in place loo with a view Step 8, the cross is swung in on the other crane Step 10, the crowd in Cathedral Square cheers Step 12, Blessing the final spire

Then it was over, I went back up stairs (well up elevator) to say bye to the people at work, who were still shaking their head at how I found the event exciting, then it was back to the car and home again.

music, food and photos.

Yet another post condensing most of a weeks activity into one blog post. I am so behind. I have dreams of posting a blog sooner after an event but I just get sidetracked. I have a whole week where I actually did things to blog about/process photos. Sunday I was at two concerts, Tuesday I baked, Wednesday Andrea and I went to the movies, Thursday I went to photograph Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at the Zoo, Friday I went out to dinner with Andrea and some of her friends, this morning I went into the city to watch the spires lifted into place at St John’s Cathedral. This arvo I went to the movies. Quite a week and now I am busy catching up.

I probably should start off with Sunday.
I had one goal for the arvo and that was to see Yeo and The Fresh Goods at Rics and that I did. Right next door at Kaliber, Nightillion were doing there Sunday afternoon sessions/jam thing. Fusing all sorts of musical goodness together, it was nice. Meanwhile at Rics, Mr Laneous (pron. similar to miscellaneous) were taking care of getting the arvo started. A wander round The Valley and then it was time for Yeo and Co to fill the stage at Rics and play to a bar full of Shiny Happy People. I was fancy free and relatively footloose or really it was a Sunday where we weren’t’ going to The Farm as Mum had taken Grandad road tripping and left us all at home. It is a catch 22 of sorts. I would love to go more of the Sunday arvo session at Rics/Powerhouse/etc but Sunday arvos/night is the time we spend with Grandad and I am smart enough to know that those days are a whole lot more numbered than Sunday arvo sessions at Rics. It was so great to see Yeo play live. Tom and Tiana were outside and asked me what sort of music Yeo plays, I described as sort of electro reggae, I much prefer the three myspace genres; French pop / Punk / Reggae. Much better.

Yeo, (click image for the gig gallery).

Random Valley Shot. 56/366
matching bags, 56/366

Sunday evening it was the Creative Vibes shindig at The Troubie, not much of a turnout but it was still good, the couches were “pulled” from the walls and arranged in a few more social friendly rows near the stage, made it feel even more like a lounge room than it normally does. The bill for the night was Tess Henderson (what a voice), Tom Woodward (see x previous posts on Tom) and Justin Grounds (technically interesting but I was too tired to appreciate it). The light seemed to be at half strength to what it normally is at the Troubie which was a bit bleh for me.

Tess’s piano player, (click image for the gig gallery).
Luke on piano

Random Desk Shot.
desk, 24/02/2008

Monday. 57/366.
Yep Christmas Cards are still up, it is only February (when this photo was taken) after all.
still Christmas

Tuesday. 58/366.
I was really tempted not to take a photo on Tuesday, was just so tempted to chucking this whole project in but I took a photo of my saeng cover, I love those flowers dearly. Yay for Ikea.
BLOMMIG, 56/366

Wednesday night. 59/366.
Andrea and I went for fish (Barramundi-Andrea, Calamari-Me) and chips and a movie at Portside (Hamilton). We had 1hr 45mins between when the fish and chip shop closed and when our movie started. Granted we probably didn’t leave the fish and chip shop till a good 25mins after it closed, it meant we had quite a bit of time to laze around by the river talking, laughing, chatting and playing. The movie we went to see was Charlie Wilson’s War, which was not as funny as I thought it would be.

Helen mid sentance by Andrea Andrea in trolley Andrea, 58/366

Thursday night I went to photograph Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Manchester Orchestra at the Zoo. I met Alain Bouvier, that was a laugh. I started talking to one of the other photographers, he said he was French etc etc, I asked if he knew Ange Takats, he said of course and we laughed, we knew of each other through Ange, that was a laugh. Music wise I preferred Manchester Orchestra over CYHSY, I left shortly after our three songs were up for CYHSY. I think that explains it.

Manchester Orchestra, (click image for the gig gallery).
Manchester Orchestra

Drinking Receptacles. 60/366
drinking receptacles, rubbish trolley, 60/366

Friday was a hell of a day at work, just never seemed like I was going to get my work done. I got it all done though.
Friday night I went out to dinner at Sitar with Andrea and some of her high school friends who I had met round her parties before.
80% of us had the deluxe banquet. I was glad I wore a dress as I wasn’t unbuckling a top button like the others. Oh it was good, of the four curries we picked, the only one which we all disliked was the Bengal Prawn Masala most likely because the prawns were like rubber. The Lamb Korma was oh my and don’t get me started on the Peshwari Naan. I could eat that for breakfast, lunch and tea for the rest of my life.

banquet remains
Couple Dining, 61/366

That brings us to today, Saturday which will very much be another blog post as that has photos, photos, photos of the spires going on St John’s.

words and photos

It is by far nearly bed time. I should be in bed right now but I feel like typing. There are lots of things I want to type but they can wait. Tonight I will type about some photos from the last few days.

Somehow still managing to take a photo a day. However it is so often a struggle. I take my camera to work. I take my camera home with me and most times it is not till some time in the evening that I finally press that shutter button. Today though the photo that I picked was from when I was waiting at the bus stop after Pabbi had just dropped me off. Still getting a lift to and from the bus stop at the moment. Though I have ditched the walking cane and am moving much easier round the place. I can almost walk down stairs properly too albeit slowly and with much thought. That is all with the brace on though. With out it is a whole new story.

7:0something, 51/366

This 366 thing gets harder and harder during the week, on the weekends it us fun. It is not that I don’t want to take photos, I love it. However you have grander and grander images in your head as you look at something and think of how you would love to take a photo of it, from this angle, with light there and with that as the focus point etc etc. Then you take the photo and due all those environmental or technical variables that you didn’t control. You only end up with a photo that is 5% of what you had in you mind. Then you think someday.

This is a Blue Ginger or Ornamental Ginger, it grows in our back yard in the very back corner. The flowers sure a pretty and the leaves are that not quite glossy dark yet rich green.
not quite full bloom, 50/366

On Sunday we went to the Farm. As we do :), I mean how could you not want to go see Grandad? He rocks my world. We don’t speak very much, but then we share a smirk or he comes out with a line and you just go hell yeah. This was at the farm the other day. Grandad has pumpkin vines growing just about everywhere. There is also the cherry tomato plants that would live through a nuclear war, those things are indestructible, however it is not their season at the moment. There are a few little green cherries on the plants but only one red I saw. I carefully picked it as it looked like the skin was about to split, gave it a polish and a little fun with it.

I bet you haven’t seen a pumpkin flower that looks like this before πŸ™‚

Strange Pumpkin Flower, 48/366

After I took a few photos, I put it in my mouth and enjoyed that short moment of sweetness and tartness before it was gone to my stomach. Then I took this photo. Pumpkin. Almost ready for picking.


I got Season 1 of Alias on DVD from the Library the other day, slowly making my way through the discs. I had forgotten how much *fun* the show was. I must admit I like watching it on DVD as I can fast forward the bits where I get scrunch up my eyes and get slightly scared. Even though I know what happens in the end I still go slightly eek.