Toto, I don’t think we are in Kedron any more

Toto, I think this looks like Wooloowin. Toto, this is Wooloowin! As some as you know, I moved out of home yesterday to a block of flats at Wooloowin – a whole transport zone closer to the city 🙂 Yesterday was spent packing, unpacking, sorting, rearranging etc etc. I have moved out with Andrea, who […]

music, food and photos.

Yet another post condensing most of a weeks activity into one blog post. I am so behind. I have dreams of posting a blog sooner after an event but I just get sidetracked. I have a whole week where I actually did things to blog about/process photos. Sunday I was at two concerts, Tuesday I […]

Jan 24

Andrea and I got together tonight for some retail time. Well really time spent socialising at Chermie and not really buying anything. I am after a pair of black pants. It sounds so simple. Anything but. I want black, 100% cotton or similar, real pockets, nice cut. I tried on pants after pants after pants. […]