My plan for 1 photo and post every Sunday on a moment from that day.

I baked the #bread.<br /><br />
I grew the #tomatoes.<br /><br />

Breakfast today.

Bread I baked, Tomatoes I grew.

Tommy Toe tomatoes from my garden on grilled beer bread that I make once a week as a “sandwich/breakfast toast” loaf.

Very, very, very yummy.


sweet red goodness

Little balls of pure sweetness

An overflowing container of cherry tomatoes, a visit with the most treasured man in my life, getting covered in Cobblers Pegs as I lift up the vines gently plucking each little red ball off the stalk, dicing a handful through tuna mornay for dinner. A family table; laughs, love and the hope of tomorrow. Just another afternoon at The Farm. That was how I spent my May Day afternoon.