food dreams

On Saturday when I went to visit Amanda and Madi they were just finishing lunch, it was chicken with salad. I eyed it off with desire. I had an avocado for lunch. It’s not that I don’t like having braces, I do because it means the end is near but it also means that all the things I like eating are off the menu for the current time.
The other day for breakfast all I could think about was how much I would love some poached eggs on toasted sour dough with mushrooms and tomatoes and a tiny side salad of rocket and mizuna. Of that combo I could eat the poached eggs and the mushrooms and the tomatoes, couldn’t eat the toast unless it was french toast and short of swallowing the salad I can’t see that going down my trap. Instead I had some french toast.

We had prawns for lunch for three days at work last week as the Woolies beside where we work had them cheap and they are soo easy to “throw on the sandwich press”. I will admit that they were hard to eat and mainly involved cutting them up in to small enough pieces that I could swallow them. As the days have heated up and the humidity is kicking in I just couldn’t say no to prawns and with all the family coming home for Christmas I can see us eating many many many kilos of prawns.

I made another soup last night for dinner which was quite tasty a mix of green and yellow lentils with sweet potato and capsicum but oh I would like a piece of grilled chicken with salad. I’m hoping that this week I might start making some light stir fries and see how they go.

My mouth is still saw, biting into anything is painful and now I have a tooth ache to add to the haul as well. gah!

The Torture begins again

Last Thursday I fronted up to the dental school to willingly have torture devices put on my teeth. When I first went to the dental school almost 12 years I had no idea that I would still be there now, though I don’t know if I ever really thought about it. There have been times when I have wished that we had just left my teeth as they were and let my teeth drift over to fill in the space from my missing tooth. Now though I feel that I have come so far that it isn’t worth jumping off the metal mouth bandwagon.

Torture (by HelenPalsson)

This isn’t the first time I have had braces but this time round my teeth have hurt a whole lot more. 8 days later I am sill on a very soft food diet, one of the wires is giving my cheek a mouthful ignoring the fact that it was bent back by the orthodontist a few days ago and the wax just doesn’t stay in this part of my mouth. It does have benefits though, it has forced me to be creative in making meals and since I have not been eating so much, my clothes are a little looser.

At the end of the day, I just think about the long term goal of having a titanium post in my upper jaw and a nice mouth of teeth and that this pain and annoyance will all be worthwhile in the end.