A new baby

Tonight, my favourite store in Brisbane had it’s once yearly 20% off sale for newsletter subscribers. Since Taste open a few years ago, I have often popped in when driving past for a quick browse.

I arrived shortly before 1730 and managed to pop into the shop for about a minute before the closed the doors, myself and another lady had just enough time to confirm what colour KitchenAids were in stock and how many they had (seven and only one of each colour). When we were back outside we quickly formed a little posse at the door with two other ladies who were also in the KitchenAid quest. They were number 1 and 2 in the line, I was number 3 and the other lady was number 4. We started discussing colours and it turned out that lady number 1 and I both wanted Apple Green and number 2 and number 4 both wanted the Imperial Gray. Very democratically I decided that I would get the Ice Blue as that was my 2nd colour pref from what they had in stock (I had wanted Gloss Cinnamon, Tangerine or Yellow but there was none in stock). Number 4 decided she would get Empire Red. Once that was settled we then roped into our posse two other ladies, one who had bought her KitchenAid (Almond) a few months ago and the other who was also in the quest, her first preference was the Empire Red but she quickly settled on the Willow Blue as that would match her Le Creuset.

When they opened the doors, the five of us quickly made our way over to the table where the holy grail was and grabbed our new babies. We then made our way over to the counter where Jodie (the lovely owner) commented on how it was great to see that we had worked as a little team to get what we wanted. As we were walking through the shop some of the other Taste employees made comments as well about our little team forming to get our common goal.

The 20% off made the price very attractive! Taste retails them at $699 and you can get them from the online site round the $630 mark. The 20% off took it to just under $560.

Here is my baby (well my second baby as my first baby is my 5D)
My new baby

My other purchase was a Le Creuset Multifunction Set in Cobalt Blue. I remember the first time I saw the multifunction mentioned on a blog, I thought “that is a very cool idea” over the last year or so I have danced my fingers over them as I have seen them at various places. Tonight I picked up my own 🙂 I had been tossing up between getting a 20cm Le Creuset French Oven as there are times when I find my 24cm too big but since the multifunction set is about the same size and it gives me a saucepan and frypan that works as a lid, I decided that this year that was a better buy. ‘

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to use my new kitchen goodies.

a mish mosh life

My life is in a bit of a weird place at the moment. The internet is still not connected at our flat yet so to use my computer/the net I have to come home and when I do come home I don’t really like using the computer – sort of feels like I am in a Net Cafe with my 30mins of allocated time ticking away. To check my emails – which I can do via the web but I just don’t have the time at work to do so that often, Mum reads me the senders out over the phone. So funny, what an interesting way to check emails. Then I know what is waiting for me to find time to check at work or come home and read.

Last night Andrea and I (and later on a friend of Andrea’s) went down to one of “our (new) locals”, to grab a Pub meal and to enjoy a night of fReTfEST featuring amongst others Rob Longstaff (his website seems to be down at the moment) and Georgia Potter, a post with pictures is coming shortly.

Mum and I went to Chermie this morning and I managed to find not only a cardigan which I was looking for but a jacket and a new work shirt as well. I have been very lacking in the cooler weather gear department of items which have more office style than Polartecs. The jacket and the cardigan are both Australian Merino which is pretty nice. I also picked up a recipe book, to start copying recipes from Mum’s handwritten recipe book to my own.

The 2nd Mountain Goats session is finally up on Daytrotter and oh sigh what a fantastic collection of four recordings it is. San Bernardino is such a delicate recording compared to the version on Heretic Pride. I had forgotten how much I loved There Will Be No Divorce and 02-75, what a sweet song that is and well Raja Vocative is Raja Vocative.

Tonight I am going on a boat cruise of the lovely Brisbane River with a large collection of people from work. Thankfully the sky has cleared and the wind has eased a bit! Yesterday, not many of us was looking forward to today!

And because we always need photos here some photos from the last week or so.
QPAC The old flour mill and Albion station Looking West from Albion station rain at sunset sigh trees

Goma delight

Friday night after I work I met up with Thor and her family and crew at the Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA to watch a selection of Icelandic short films and then Sigur Rós’s concert doco Heima as part of a month long program that GOMA is running called Iceland Waves. Seeing Ísafjörður on the big screen with the local brass band playing down the street was pretty darn cool, so used to seeing Reykjavik on the big screen but seeing Isafjörður was just wow. I am by no means the biggest Sigur Rós fan, I enjoy the music for sure but the most powerful thing in the film for me was seeing Iceland on the big screen, seeing places and going ooh that is that place round the corner from that place or ohh I’ve driven down that road. Just cool stuff.

The short film set that we saw was Cold Hearts 3, some (a large proportion) were a bit too ahhhh eyebrow rising weird for me but I did particularly love one of the short films entitled I Sing I Swim 2007 mainly because I quite dearly love Seabear which provided the soundtrack for the film and you can listen to the song of the same title on their myspace page.

This Friday will see me at GOMA again 🙂

I finally got to to Ikea on Saturday! Only 18mths or so after the new one opened! I had made a promise with Mum that I wouldn’t go to Ikea till I was moving out of home. First weekend out of the family home and Andrea and I hit up Ikea for assorted goodies including

    A dirty clothes basket – Skubb (in red) and it has a strap so I can can wear it on my back to go to the laundry!
    A washing line – Frost, the cool thing, I can lean out my bedroom window and peg my washing up!
    A rug to stand on in the kitchen – Bigum because Lino on brick is not the softest.

and of course we had lunch at Ikea 🙂

On the way home we popped into Pennisi Cuisine on my favourite street in Woolloongabba, Balaclava street where I picked up a case of tomato passata… and some dried herbs.

So that is my life at the moment.

Though I perhaps should also mention….

That I got accepted into the next round of testing for the 2009 Department of Defence Graduate Program!!! Happy slightly 🙂

Jan 24

Andrea and I got together tonight for some retail time. Well really time spent socialising at Chermie and not really buying anything.
I am after a pair of black pants. It sounds so simple. Anything but. I want black, 100% cotton or similar, real pockets, nice cut. I tried on pants after pants after pants. There were one pair that were sort of ok, probably about a 7/10 on the like factor. I came home pantless. The problem is that I have a pair of stoney camel Country Road pants that I got off the sale racks at Myer a little while ago. I love them, decent pockets, Italian cotton and most of all a really nice cut. This of course means that any pants I try on are held up against them. Do they have that same feel? Do they fit as well as the Holy Grail pants to? The answer was no, it always seems to be no. I am thinking that perhaps I need to make a trip to a tailor in SE Asia with said pants and ask for X copies in X different fabrics. Moving away from my tale of looking for that perfect pair of black pants.

One of the things Andrea had for me was this CD (click image for the track listing etc).
come together
Andie knows that I have a slight thing for covers. I now have 7 or 8 Beatles cover albums. This is a really good album, feels very Sunday arvo BBQ. A more alt, slightly folk, with a hint of Americana style Beatles, it works.

and some photos.

Backlit Leaves, aren’t they so pretty?
Backlit Leaves, 24/366

some cool yarn.
cool yarn, 23/366

the day before.
Made in India. My most hippy skirt. I picked up this skirt many trips round the sun ago for a school dance. I never ended up wearing it to the school dance. It has sat at the bottom of my wardrobe all that time, with me not feeling flowers in my hair enough to pull off the skirt. I went to a party the other night and decided to wear it. Now I very much feel flowers in my hair enough to wear it.
Made in India, 22/366