a saturday

At the moment I am watching Dr Rosemary Stanton on Ethical Eating. Over the past few years I have enjoyed reading editorials by Stanton and she is a very very good presenter. If I see a public lecture from her in Brisbane I will be going! I have to add again how much I love ABC Fora, I have listened to some very interesting presentations over the last year or so.

Today, I woke up at 6ish but dozed in bed till 8ish, so luxurious! I popped into work for a while to pick some stuff up/drop some stuff off and say hello to the reservists I don’t normally get to see during the week. I also visited the RSPCA opshop at New Farm and picked up a Le Parfait jar and some crochet doilies for the grand total of $3. Then it off to Flannerys to stock up on rolled oats. Then Ikea called.

I have had a clothes rail for my wardrobe for the last 7 mths or so which I have kept covered with a dark doona cover to keep my clothes dust free and stop fading. I said enough is enough today. I had been umming and ahhing between a few different ones the last few nights on the net. Looking at them today I decided on the Aneboda. I also picked myself up a bookcase, a Billy of course. Looking at them now in my room, I love how they melt into the white walls. I also bought my first Ikea fabric, this nice orange one, which I am going to use to make curtains for my book case. Tomorrow I will have to take some photos. I still have bits and pieces to put away but it looks a lot more roomier now. Also tomorrow I have an SES fund raiser to attend, washing to do and family to visit!

Two photos to share.
I took this photo back in April one rainy afternoon at The Farm. I love how the rain drops.
Rain, The Farm

And sharing my Food Connect box from last week, I had fun this time arranging the fruit and vege for the photo.
Food Connect Fortnight 4

On a sad note, I finished watching The West Wing the other night. It has taken me about 6 or so weeks to watch all 7 seasons and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have laughed my head off at times, wept at times, shaken my head at others and at others just absorbed the drama, the wit, the speeches. And this quote from In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part II

Margaret: Can I – can I just say something for the future?
Leo: Yeah.
Margaret: I can sign the President’s name. I have his signature down pretty good.
Leo: You can sign the President’s name?
Margaret: Yeah.
Leo: On a document removing him from power and handing it to someone else?
Margaret: Yeah. Or… do you think the White House Counsel would say that was a bad idea?
Leo: I think the White House Counsel would say it was a coup d’état!
Margaret: Well. I’d probably end up doing some time for that.
Leo: I would think. And what the hell were you doing practising the President’s signature?
Margaret: It was just for fun.
Leo: We’ve got separation of powers, checks and balances, and Margaret, vetoing things and sending them back to the Hill.

Monday #5

1) I rode my new bike to and from work today. It felt great 🙂 I will have to take a photo of my bike to share – it is very very very pretty 😀

2) I saw a line of furry caterpillars crossing the road today. The line stretched for a good 3m! Each caterpillar was about 8cm long. Sadly, the lesson here is that little furry caterpillars shouldn’t cross the road at 0720 if they don’t have a death wish. I don’t think that many survived the trip across the road.

Caterpillar line

3) I was stuck in the lift at work today for 45mins. That is now something I can cross the list of things I didn’t really want to experience but now can say I have experienced it. I was bringing a candidate back up to Medical and the poor kid freaked out a little bit. He was not all impressed about been stuck. I guess I would have been too if it was my enlistment day and I was stuck in the lift with an ever increasing ETA as to when the tech would be there.

4) I took this photo walking home from the bike shop on Saturday arvo. It makes me laugh.

Tree Lock

5) So I don’t forget before ANZAC Day on Saturday, I polished my SES boots tonight after training. I have one question, how on earth do you use black shoe polish and not get it over yourself?

(secret track)
#6 I first heard about /saw Rodrigo y Gabriela a few years ago. I thought yeah some pretty sweet as guitar playing. I got home tonight to find the guys watching the Live in Japan DVD and cripeamole. That is so impressive. I almost started dancing in the living room (in my SES gear…)

Australia Day 2009

I am currently packing for my move next weekend, listening to the Hottest 100 on the radio and listening to the screams from the cricket match that is currently been played on our street by the house across the road and down one.

This morning, I went out with the SES to a park in The Gap where there was a community recovery event been held which included a Citizenship ceremony, a sausage sizzle and lamingtons, along with a number of stands from various organisations ranging from Lifeline, The Salvos, Telstra, Police, Rural Firires etc. We handed out stickers, magnets and chatted to people whilst hoping that the rain would come to cool it down a little bit.

In the Big W catalogue the last week, they were advertising Australian Flag Holeproof Explorers . Score!!! I now have a pair and I wore them today 😀 They are so cool 😀

Socks for Australia Day

There is now only one song left in the Hottest 100 and I can hear the broadcast echoing down the street from at least two other houses 😀

Getting closer

Monday night is SES night and last night was Monday night. Myself and one of the other newbies got to out with a crew instead of staying at group training like the others. We got to do real jobs this time as well, like filling sand bags to hold tarps down, climbing ladders with said sand bags to pass to the workers on the roof, clearing branches and wet carpet. Man why on earth did it take me this long to finally join? We only have about a month or so now left on probation and then we get to go on all sorts of things.

In other news, my teeth are still driving me mad. “Braces, free to whoever removes them”. I went back last Thursday and had a new wire put on them which is slightly less painful in some ways but more in other and I got pink and purple bands put on (I let the girls at work pick a colour each). That whole biting, chewing thing is not something that my teeth enjoy doing at the present and I can’t yawn too much as it causes the wires to grab on my cheeks. sigh. I only hope that in another month they are relatively pain free as I need/want/have to be able enjoy Christmas and all the goodies we will have this year. We have been organising our list of Icelandic goodies that we want Karl and Toti to bring out, they of course include Appelsín, Prince Polo Bars and Dried Fish…. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dried Fish.

Unlike a yoyo craze, unlike a marble phase,
I love it everyday – Dried Fish!
Unlike a hopscotch craze, unlike a knucklebone phase,
I love it everyday – Dried Fish!
I love it everyday – Dried Fish!

I chatted to my nieces on MSN last night, I have never done that before. We had a great little chat and I think I will make more trips to the beach this coming month than I have in the last couple of years! I am so looking forward to next week.

day 18

A blog a day in November, what on earth was I thinking?

Today I got up had a shower/breakfast and rushed out the door to work, then it was home for a bite to eat and then over to Group for another night out with the SES. We spent the night travelling to various homes that placed calls since Sunday night to see if a) they still needed assistance or b) what assistance they would need. It’s raining a lot more tonight than it was last night. I have now been home long enough to grab a shower and start this post and all along all I can think is that man oh man I just want to go bed but I’m not about to pike on making a post a day when I have managed to stay on track for the last 17 days.

Today though apart from been work, rain and SES also marks the day in two weeks time that Karl will be walking off a plane at the Airport to spend Christmas with us. Excited? Very! Then the following day Toti and his crew arrive! Two weeks! and I will have my brother home (well one of them)

and tonight I have Oranges

Monday is SES night, the night that I trundle to Group and learn things. Tonight though we were on storm call out from the storms that hit yesterday. When I got to Group, I was quickly given a pair of Oranges (the old jump suit not the new two piece) and a pair of boots. Then it was out to The Gap where street by street we door knocked and assessed the problems so teams could come back in the light tomorrow and do what repairs they can do. I was so excited! It looks like I might get a call out tomorrow night as well, so I am off to get some sleep!

and here is a photo!
Helen has Oranges