The Girder Arrives

Yesterday morning, I took a call from Mum. She had a brief message for me. That between 3:30am & 4:00am tomorrow morning the girder for the pedestrian overpass would be delivered on to site and put in place. Did I want to go? Of course I wanted to do. It meant that I skipped out on the Banawarun concert but it was good morning.
A bit of a brief info regarding this pedestrian overpass. Redcliffe State High is spread over two campuses on either side of Oxley Ave. For years there has been talk of an overpass/subway. Just over a year ago, a student was killed when a car ran a red light. The talking stopped and action started to construct the overpass.

We got out of bed at 2:15, picked up another teacher who lives down the road and we were off to Redcliffe. Below is a series of photos showing the Girder making its way to the site and then the procedure involved in getting in place.

The Girder arrives 1 The Girder arrives 2 The Girder arrives 3 The Girder arrives 4 The Girder arrives 5 The Girder arrives 6 The Girder arrives 7 The Girder arrives 8 The Girder arrives 9 The Girder arrives 10