Pabbi in the Kitchen

Pabbi Cooking

This is my papa, as of course you very well know. I had been out in the garden trying to get some photos of the wild wind we are having at the moment. I wasn’t able to get my shutter speed as slow as I wanted it though (need to pick up some ND filters) so I came inside and took some photos of Pabbi getting tea ready. I have no idea what he was looking at when I took this.

Lazy Sunday

I need to stop going off on tangents. I sit down to do one thing and end up 45mins later somewhere else and having barely touched what I sat down to start.

Last Sunday was a Sunday. Not one of those Sundays but one of those Sundays. Sundays where we spend the arvo at the Farm. Sundays where we get out of the car and a minute later are sprawled out on Grandad’s bed talking about the week, what we have seen in the paper today or of course just plotting world domination plotting world domination with Grandad

Lazy Sundays

Those Sundays are also about going for a walk. Though this Sunday it started raining so we went back inside to read instead. I caught up on my National Geographics. Matthew slept. Pabbi read/slept/just lazed around.
Day Lilly
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