this year will be my year

new beginnings, 32/366

Yeah, that is an employment contract on the right of the frame. Yeah, I now have a full time job working in medical admin as part of the Defence Force Recruiting organisation. I am working with a great bunch of people including one girl who was a few years below me in primary school. I also have a very nice view from the twelfth floor out to the Spring Hill end of the CBD. Things are starting to look up. 2008 is going to be a good year I think. It may not have started very well at all but things happen for a reason.

Thursday evening after buying my car, I went over to Thor’s. Tom and Tiana had arrived in town a few hours earlier ahead of the gig up at Eumundi tonight (my car’s first road trip). Before I had even walked in the door I had hurt myself. Thor has a first floor flat, you walk below her balcony to the stairs, they were sitting out on the balcony. I said “hooroo, buzz me up will you as I have no intention of climbing the wall up”. Thor joked about letting down her hair and I could climb up on that. I did a little leap as if to grab the hair as it was been let down. I missed the imaginary hair by a mile. I landed in the garden, my ankle landed on the concrete. My ankle went ouch, I went cripes my camera. Camera all fine, ankle very sore. What a way to make a first impression on Tiana. That is life though. RICE is making it ok though, swelling is down a bit and a lot of the pain has gone.

I am listening to ZOOP at the moment. It is something magical. I wish I had pocket sized JD and PPH to keep in my pocket. Then when I needed some ‘Goats, I would carefully lift them from my pocket, place them in the palm of my hand or on my desk and listen to them weave their magic.

work shirts, 30/366