A trip to MONA

Coffin of Iret-Heru-Ru Egypt, Late 26th Dynasty, C. 600–525 BCEPulse Room by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (2006)Pulse Room by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (2006)bit.fall by Julius Popp (2006–7)bit.fall by Julius Popp (2006–7)Unkown person waiting and reviewing
The Memory Theatre of Giulio CamilloTumbuan (Body Mask) Middle Sepik Region, Papua New Guinea, Iatmul People, Early 20th CenturyHead by Sidney Nolan (1940)Candle Describing a Sphere by Jason Shulman (2006)Bubbles by John Kelly (2005)Danse Macabre by Stieg Persson (2006)
Mask Of The Spirit Panjurli, The Tusked Boar Tulu Nadu, South Coastal Karnataka, India, 20th CenturySkinflint by Jean-Michel Basquiat (1984)Barkcloth RoomBark cloth RoomBarkcloth: Masi Kesa Possibly Cakaudrove, Fiji, Probably 20th CenturyBarkcloth: Masi Kesa Moala, Lau, Fiji, Collected pre 1970
Barkcloth: Masi Kesa Moala, Lau, Fiji, Collected pre 1970BarkclothDoor Jamb from the Tomb of Nefer-Wenet Probably Saqqara, Egypt, Old Kingdom, 6th Dynasty, 2345–2181 BCEBarkclothUntitled by Jannis Kounellis (1991/2011)Hanging Man/Sleeping Man by Robert Gober (1989)

MONA 2012, a set on Flickr.

The Museum of Old and New or really a place full of crazy old stuff and even crazier new stuff.

One of my must do things whilst in Tasmania for Christmas was to go to MONA, sadly I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to on my visit to MONA but still I did see a fair bit.

It confirmed me that the detail in barkcloth is amazing, Sidney Nolan was nuts, you really can just take anything and call it art.

Such as this.
Queen (A Portrait of Madonna) by Candice Breitz (2005)