one less piece of metal in my body

Well, at somewhere round about 14:20 on Friday, that beastly piece of sewing needle was taken out of my foot. Yay! It’s currently sitting on a desk in a specimen container.

I have no desire to ever have something like that in my foot again.

It was quite funny because one of the nurses I had in third stage recovery had done the same thing a few years ago – though her needle went into the side of her foot not the sole like mine.

The local anaesthetic wore off yesterday morning, sigh, it was so nice to not really feel my foot. Now though I’m back on the pain killers and can only hobble/hop so far at a time before I collapse back into bed and put my foot up.

Currently due to go back to work on Thursday which will be a nice change from laying in bed like I’ve done for almost the past week.

Get to take most of my bandages off tonight or tomorrow morning some time, which will be cool. Stitches are due to come out in a little over a week.

Fun times. Fun times.