Birthday Breakfast

We went to Walkabout Creek yesterday morning for a Big Breakfast Buffet to celebrate my Birthday. Pabbi picked Grandad up from The Farm for the occasion and then we headed over to Brisbane Forest Park for some serious Breakfast Buffeting as in I am not having lunch today and won’t eat much for dinner sort of Breakfast. It t’was very good indeed. Lots of very yummy foods. The waffles were huge and very nice with Greek yoghurt and berry compote and there was Danishes and bacon, lots of bacon and very nice breakfast.

I had hoped to get a photo of Matthew as he was told that he had to let me take his photo as it was my Birthday event, somehow it didn’t transpire. I did two very nice photos of Pabbi and Grandad though.


Grandad brought a Hippeastrum stalk down with him for me to put my desk at work this week. He must have known that the Crucifix Orchids that I had picked at The Farm a fortnight ago had reached the end of their life on Friday. I have quite liked looking at the Hippeastrum flowers at work today, so big and red πŸ˜€

In the backyard

Clivia miniata

Two photos from last weekend when I was playing in the backyard with the camera and my 85mm 1.8 that came the other week. Dragged the extension tubes out for one of the flower, which is a Clivia. Then the wind picked up and made it hard to keep the macro shots in focus long enough to take a photo so I turned the camera on to me πŸ˜€

in the backyard