12mm + flash + The Farm = photo goodness

I think it is well established that I likelove wide angle ultra wide angle. In fact I have had thoughts of renaming this blog to life at 12mm and only posting photos that were taken at that focal length. My tag line on the photo board is “go wide young padawan, go wide”. I have recently discovered the beauty in using a flash during the day time to overpower the ambient light, combining that with 12mm well I just can’t stop taking photos.

Some people dislike (hate is just too strong a word to use about 12mm) the distortion that 12mm can bring, my mother is one of them. Some people love it.

Of course the 12mm really comes into its own at The Farm, green grass as far as the eye can see just works so well at 12 mmm.
Aunty Margaret and Uncle Reg were up from Tasmania as they had been to Norfolk Island with Grandad the week before.

And yes there are photos of Matthew. Perhaps you thought he didn’t exist, my little brother who threatens bodily harm if I rise my camera near him. Well at 12mm there is not much I can do about him been in the frame. One photo is very much just of him. He was standing behind me. I knew this. I carefully swung my camera round on my shoulder to change a few settings, swung it back round onto my back, pressed that shutter button and hoped like 12mm that I got the shot. That shot is the first shot here.

sneaky photo
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