post by post

Man, today is the 28th of November and I am so glad that there are only two days left in November, this daily blog posting has been quite an adventure. I have no intention of keeping it up but hopefully it has taught me to blog more regularly. I think one of the reasons I have not been so regular (gee that sounds like an ad for All-Bran) is that since moving out of home, I haven’t found a really comfortable typing location. The chair isn’t right, the desk isn’t right, getting the laptop the right distance from the keyboard. ahh so many different combinations, none of them optimal. That is life though. and excuses are excuses, though other than my family and some friends I am not really sure who even reads this anymore so do me a favour and say hello!

Last night I went to The Globe for a very special show. Dan Kelly and The Ukeladies are in town supporting Augie March (playing tonight/now at The Tivoli) and oh what a darling show it was. It was a show of great stories from love in the supermarket to attempting to scam the insurance company and how SUV cause climate change. As well as other suitable songs including a cover of the Sinead O’Connor/Prince song Nothing Compares To You. I now have oohh four gigs that I haven’t blogged about, three of those were gigs that knocked a bit of my socks off. I hope to get to them soon. I will share this one photo though from the show last night. A girl near me had a little bottle of bubbles and was having a great time blowing them round the room.

Dan Kelly (and bubbles)