DFR Christmas Party

Tonight was the work Christmas party, I am lucky “working for two companies” as it means I get two parties. I was even luckier with the fact that this year it was held at the Regatta which is oh a 5 minute walk from my new place – can you say perfect? The food was pretty good although there was a lot that I couldn’t eat (seriously if anyone had told me that having braces as an adult was so painful I would have said no). The desert though was fantastic, they had fruit salad, cream, pecan pie, lemon tart (swoon) and Christmas Cake.

I of course took lots of photos but most of them are facebook rated not blog rated. I will share one photo of myself and Jo, one of the girls who brightens my day at work.
Jo and I, Christmas Party

It was quite a pleasant night, got to talk to quite a few people that I don’t normally see as they work in different areas, had quite a few laughs and a few drinks – just a great night.