Pas de Quatre

Slippers, 314/365
Slippers, 314/365

Tonight at ballet we learned the one of the steps from the dance below. We had a cracker time in our groups of four firstly getting our arms crossed correctly and then of course moving at the same speed. It was one of the most enjoyable routines I’ve done so far.

What made it even more special was the fact that on Friday last week I watched the Royal Ballet’s 2009 production of Swan Lake as part of the film festival that QPAC presented. Sigh. I think I could watch that over and over again.

These feet dance

My Ballet Feet, 28/365

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has held dreams or desires close to their heart for a long time. I’ve been intrigued and drawn to ballet for I don’t know how long. Through high school I was so self-conscious of my self and trying to do what I thought other people thought I should do or shouldn’t do, that I didn’t even think about taking up dance. I would watch dance movies over and over, I would close my bedroom door, look in the mirror and move my legs and arms around in semi-graceful attempts at some sort of dance but I would never ever do anything like that in front of other people or even voice the idea of doing such a thing.

About two months ago, the QPAC newsletter mentioned this place called 2Ballerinas and adult dance classes. I went to the website and read it many times over. The studios are just up and over the hill from us, the price was very reasonable, it was only ten weeks, the teaching staff have an incredible background. What did I have to loose? I ummed and I ahhhed. I mentioned it to a few people but that was it. Until I felt comfortable I wasn’t going to broadcast it.

I went to my first class clutching my new ballet slippers, totally unsure of what I was going to face. I met some new people and with both excitement and anxiety I took my place at the barre. As the last few weeks have progressed, I have gradually become more confident in what I do. Sure I spend half the class going “what the?” but then after repeating steps and movements over and over and counting in my head I start to get it.

After class on Saturday I felt fantastic. It had been a relatively challenging class and I was physically drained but I felt so good. Now if you ask me what I’m doing on Saturday, I’ll tell you I have dance class. This week I’m also going to start classes with another dance studio on Wednesday nights. I can’t wait πŸ˜€ Now I dance.